Volunteers who served in Georgia

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Volunteers in the following chart have information in the PCwiki: {{#ask:Served in::Georgia | ?Started service in | ?Ended service in | ?Name of community was | ?Name of region was | ?Served in sector | ?Primary assignment was | sort = Started service in | order = ascending | limit = 100 }}


2001 (Group 1)

2002 (Group 2)
Carrie DeVries
Melissa Eker

2003 (Group 3)
Nicole Mechem

2004 (Group 4)

2005 (Group 5)
Brian Jacobi
Michael Robie
Dulani Woods

2006 (Group 6)

2007 (Group 7)

2008 (Group 8)

2009 (Group 9) Ben Bamberger
Shawn Basey
Krisanne Post
Jefferson Sommers

2010 (Group 10) Kathyrn Caldwell
Denise Galbraith
Emily Haight
Erin Hardesty
Tom Lyon
Emily New
Aaron Olanoff
Kelsey Olsen
Kaitlin Schaefer Christopher Stone

2011 (Group 11) Michelle Anderl
Jason Boyd
Jack Brands
Claire Breedlove
Susan Burkhart
Abby Do
Ariana Gonzalez
Corey Greenberg
Renate Groth
Nicole Hall
Goodloe Harman
Chris Houkal
Chase Johnson
Shannon Knudsen
Brittany Lindsay
Caitlin Lowery
Adam Malinowski
Vivian Matthewson
Caitlin McCulloch
Latoya Paley
Jana Dene Price
Joseph Scotto
Colin Shepley
Alice Sherrod
Anastasia Skoybedo
Seth Thomas
Connie Wenger
Amy Zarichny
Marianna Zonenberg