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Serving for two years in the Peace Corps may seem like a long time but it goes fast. Remember: Current Volunteers should keep in mind their own safety and security, cultural sensitivity, and the fact they are in-country representing the United States. See Manual Section 204 regarding Volunteer conduct and Section 543] regarding Volunteer use of information technology tools as well as consulting with your Country Director.

Common Coping Techniques

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Fun Facts

Here are some fun tips.... Mike there is a chart that charts the mood of a volunteer through service.... maybe it's in your office

Featured Projects by Current Volunteers

Current volunteer news For main article see: Current Volunteers The following are highlights from 2010 See others that have made the front page of the wiki:

The following articles and videos are the results of independent video projects and writing of current and recently returned volunteers:

2010 Highlights

Week 52 December 26th 2010

link= Corps monument
The Peace Corps monument bill H.R. 4195 was NOT adopted by the 111th Congress. Peace Corps Commemorative Foundation was to establish a monument to Peace Corps on United States Mall in Washington DC, the bill passed the House and when it arrived in the Senate, it was referred to the Senate Committee but did not receive a hearing and was never reported; the result of efforts by advocates who believe the Third goal of Peace Corps should be funded rather than a physical monument.

"The monument that returned Volunteers do need is funding to help them fulfill the third goal (informing Americans about the countries where they served), which the Congress and the Peace Corps have never adequately provided. If the Congress wants to honor the RPCVs, these grants should be the focus, not a monument of marble and bronze.....We need Third goal funding. And, as for satisfaction and pride in service, RPCVs have those in their hearts. " Source: Letter to Park and Planning Commission. Source: Letter to Park and Planning Commission.

Week 51 December 19th 2010

Books for Rwanda's Children P4A 2010 [Donate: Books for Rwanda's children] "...For those of you who know me that love the Peace Corps and work they do. Also our thoughts are with Alex's friend mike is serving in Africa now." Started with 71 views on December 19th 2010

Week 50 December 12th 2010

Jardinage, Peace Corps Burkina Faso December 1-4, 2010 -- Peace Corps Burkina Faso volunteers gathered in Bobo to participate in a gardening formation led by food security expert, Andre Oule. The group of over 20 volunteers helped at-risk populations learn gardening skills to improve nutrition and serve as an income-generating activity. Started with 50 views on December 12th 2010

Week 49 December 5th 2010

Peace Corps Philippines Project

Introduces volunteer Mark Fullmer's work in the Philippines and a textbook acquisition project for the Eastern Visayas State University. Started with 0 views on December 5th 2010

Week 48 November 28th 2010

Garden plots

PCV Teipel Joseph in Niger describes the layout of the garden project. Started with 28 views on November 28th 2010

Week 47 November 21st 2010

Masatepe, Nicaragua (Peace Corps Nicaragua TEFL 54)

Watch a day in the life of TEFL students Masatepe, Nicaragua (Peace Corps Nicaragua TEFL 54) Started with 31 views on November 21st 2010

Week 46 November 12th 2010


So begins my Peace Corps video blogging! "I will be going to El Salvador in the Peace Corps in January 2011, this is the first video blog in a series I hope to continue while I am there."
Close 2nd for the video of the week: You know you're a Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa when...

Week 45 November 7th 2010


Planting Banana trees in Vanuatu "Peace Corps volunteers help local Ekipe Villagers in Vanuatu located in the South Pacific. Apparently the extra helpings of taro maniok have given Max too much strength as he goes elbow-deep in soil. Nice wan!" Started with 4 views on November 7th 2010.

Week 44 October 31th 2010


Making Apple Juice Lindsay Toler is currently serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Moldova, Europe's poorest country. She teaches health to 5-11th graders and helps the local medical center plan public health seminars. In this video, Lindsay's host father (the jolly man handing you an apple in the third photo) and some friends make apple juice after gathering apples from the orchard. While they did not ask her to help, they did graciously let her get in the way with her camera. Started with 105 views on October 31th 2010. See her latest video Cutting a pig... warning it is graphic.

Week 43 October 24th 2010


Peace Corps: Beekeeping Project Andrew Zacharias PCV in Tanzania talks about his bee keeping project. Check out his blog Andrew's Peace Corps Blog Started with 22 views on October 24th 2010.

Week 42 October 18th 2010

File:IMG 0290.JPG
April in Senegal "Please do what you do to link or feature my blog on PC Wiki. Your site has been a great help to me.-April"

Week 41 October 11th 2010


An introduction to WATSAN "WATSAN" (Peru Water and Sanitation Program) intro to the new trainees who arrived in the country this month. Started with 57 views on October 11th 2010

Week 40 October 3rd 2010


Peace Corps Georgia: Adventures Through PST A small taste of my 2 months in Georgia during Peace Corps Training.

Week 39 September 26th 2010


Donniell's Home in Morocco PCV Donniell Silva in Marrakech, Morocco "Here's a quick tour of my home here in Morocco while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer." Her Blog Started with 90 views on September 26th

Week 38 September 19th 2010


Amphitheater Project in Moldova PCV Vincent Lambert in Chisinau, Moldova "Check out a video we made in the village to help raise money for our amphitheater project"

Week 37 September 12th 2010


Cultural Center Espoir is set to give the underprivileged youth of Northern Togo the skills, knowledge, and inspiration to succeed. Learn about the plan that Peace Corps volunteer Carla Seidl and her community partners have put in place to combat deficiencies in art and general education among local youth through classes, workshops, and performance opportunities. The construction of the Espoir Cultural Center can only be realized with your help! Make your tax-deductible contribution at:

Week 36 September 6th 2010


First Bell "Lindsay is currently serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Moldova, Europe's poorest country. She teaches health to 5-11th graders and helps the local medical center plan public health seminars. In this video, 1st grade students sing "Hai la scoala," which means (roughly) "Let's go to school" during the traditional First Day of School ceremony on the front steps of their new school. The ceremony ends with two 1st graders and two seniors ringing the first bell of the school year." For more, go to Started with 30 views September 5th.

Week 35 August 30th 2010


Traveling to Chimfunshi Chimp Orphanage Peace Corps Zambia 2010 PC Zambia Transport! "Parents-don't freak out but if a volunteer needs to travel it usually involves hitching. It is a matter of picking your rides when you can. Riding in the back of a truck is not my choice of ride but it was the only ride we could get."

Week 34 August 23th 2010


Peace Corps Uganda - John's Vlog #4 (blog) "This is all about my Peace Corps Experience in Uganda. Started with approx 240 views August 8th."

Week 33 August 16th 2010


My casa Albania My peace corps abode in Albania. Started with approx 230 views August 8th.

Week 32 August 9th 2010


Ghana vlog pt 1 "my days in ghana peace corps." A concise walk through of the living situation of volunteer in Ghana. Started with 68 views August 8th.

Week 31 August 2nd 2010


27 Months, A Peace Corps Documentary (Part 2)"I recently finished my Peace Corps Service in Guatemala and as my secondary project I created a documentary about PC Guatemala...." -Joe Busch
See Part I here!

Week 30 July 26th 2010


27 Months, A Peace Corps Documentary (Part 1)"I recently finished my Peace Corps Service in Guatemala and as my secondary project I created a documentary about PC Guatemala...." -Joe Busch
See Part II here!

Week 29 July 19th 2010


Help Senegal Workout! Partnership Project from Senegal

Week of July 12th 2010


Malaria! "Free time and creativity unite to fight the evil forces of West African mosquitos! This is Peace Corps in action... rewriting the lyrics to our favorite songs, and then choreographing and performing them for the amusement and education of the new PC trainees in country!" PCVs Mali

Week of July 4th 2010


The Rise & Fall of Stolichni" See how cooking is done in Azerbaijan. "A submission to the Peace Corps Azerbaijan Cooking Competition."

Week of June 20th 2010


Luisa's Pathway" Peace Corps volunteer Natalie Parker describes her village footpath project. Filmed in the Fiji.

Week of June 6th 2010


My First Project" A simple introduction to Mike's Peace Corps house in Lesotho, Southern Africa. Please keep in mind that PC accommodations range widely within regions and within countries. Last week we showed a "frivolous" Peace Corps apartment in China: My Peace Corps Apartment
Also check out these great Lesotho maps by Jack Convise.

Week of May 27th 2010


My Peace Corps Apartment " A simple introduction to my "frivolous" Peace Corps China apartment in Beibei, Chongqing. Please keep in mind that PC accommodations range widely within regions and within countries. This video topped the charts on popular PC videos 2009-2010. If you are a current volunteer or have been invited to volunteer in China, feel free to contact Volunteers Supporting Volunteers (VSV) with any questions or concerns (pcchina.vsv at

Week of May 16th 2010


Senator Johnny Isakson Honors Kate Puzey " during a speech on the Senate floor. Kate Puzey was Peace Corps volunteer in Benin. See a tribute to the life of Kate Puzey at: Light a Candle for Katemore....

Week of May 9th 2010


Mack's Youth Institute "This is just a short film introducing some of the sights and activities that are carried on here at Mack's Youth Institute in Bartica, Guyana. Although the original intention was to raise funds for the project, those funds have already been raised. So, this video is for you to enjoy and learn about what we are doing here, and if you were one of those who did donate, thanks so much." more....

Week of May 2nd 2010


Honduras Man with No Name Clint Eastwood Honduras gives a tour of his crib in the dry season.

Week of April 25th 2010


"Inside the Hive back by popular demand part duo of the breakthrough "Nathaniel Fatty's Miracle Videos" from The Gambia see others including Beekeeping: Hive Making and Placement, Garden Teas , Neem Cream (for mosquitoe repellent) and Composting

Week of April 18th 2010


"Beekeeping: Hive Making and Placement" Breakthrough "Nathaniel Fatty's Miracle Videos" from The Gambia see others including Inside the Hive, Garden Teas , Neem Cream (for mosquitoe repellent) and Composting

Week of April 11th


"The Universal Nut Sheller Video" David Campbell describes this nut-shelling project his is using for a project south Senegal. "He got molds for a small (but still heavy) hand operated nut-sheller sent over very cheap. All the metal and concrete work is done here by Senegalese.....All the woman's groups were very enthusiastic and the local metal workers all excited to start making the pieces". - more Senegal videos more Senegal blogs

Week of April 4th

Outdoor Ambassadors Summer Program‎ is a project designed and implemented by Peace Corps volunteers and their Albanian counterparts, that seeks to engage youth in environmental preservation activities in cities and towns around Albania. more

Week of March 28th 2010


"Nine Months" Miles Videriro has captured volunteer life in Georgia.
Hear him tweet30px more Georgia videos more Georgia blogs

Week of March 21th 2010
Saturday wall of text: What is the Point of Peace Corps? "This is a question I suspect is on the minds of many volunteers in South Africa—what the hell am I doing here? It’s a difficult question in the abstract, not least because there are dozens of countries involved, each with its own training program, staff, and host country support. I’ll start with the training program—is Peace Corps sending adequately-trained volunteers to their permanent site?..." more

"....teacher training is a thorny problem with no clear-cut solution."
-RJA Northern Cape, South Africa March 20th, 2010

Week of March 14th 2010


Part 1 of 2 part series on being volunteer by Carrie Pavlik Zambia 2007-2009. Read more on her blog Check Peace Corps Journals for more videos

Week of March 7th 2010


Several RPCVs made a film to celebrate the life of Catherine Puzey. PC Wiki commemorates those that passed away while serving. Volunteer Memorials

Week of March 1st 2010

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