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==Volunteer Tips==
{{who served in|Ghana}}
===Travel Tips===
Large backpacking backpacks can be more of a hassle in country.
[[Matthew Patrick]]
[[Wes Day]]
- Taxis will charge more for a person with a backpacking backpack.
- Using public transportation with them is very difficult.
Use the cheap bags that you can get in country.
- Cost around $4.
- With this style of bag, people think you are poorer and you get better prices in taxies.
===Community Tips===
===Project Tips===
[[Donated book shipments]] used to be possible through the United States Postal Service.  After the M-Bag rates were discontinued in 2007, alternative means were identified.  [[Donated book shipments|Here]] is a summary.

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Volunteers in the following chart have information in the PCwiki: {{#ask:Served in::Ghana | ?Started service in | ?Ended service in | ?Name of community was | ?Name of region was | ?Served in sector | ?Primary assignment was | sort = Started service in | order = ascending | limit = 100 }}


Matthew Patrick


Wes Day