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SEAPAX is a group of former Peace Corps volunteers dedicated to improving international understanding at all levels. We aim to fulfill the 3rd goal of the Peace Corps: Bringing the World Back Home. We draw on the lessons we have learned from living in the two-thirds world to promote increased understanding of the social, political and economic circumstances, as well as the global interdependence, of people worldwide. History

The SEAPAX was founded in 1977 by returned Peace Corps Volunteers living in greater Seattle. Originally called RAVN, Returned Action Volunteers of the Northwest, it included both former Peace Corps and VISTA volunteers among its members. The group was renamed The Washington State Peace Corps Association in 1996, then renamed SEAPAX in 2007. We now have satellite groups in three other Puget Sound communities. Our group has been an affiliate of the National Peace Corps Association since 1983.

More information about the group can be found at the link given below.


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