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|project=Rural Water Committee Training
This project will implement water committee capacity building seminars in six groups of rural communities, involving a total of 36 communities. The objectives of the seminar are to transfer the knowledge and skills necessary to operate and maintain an aqueduct, provide structured opportunities for water committee members to apply what they have learned, and to assist the Ministry of Health to move towards more effective training of rural water committees. Seminar topics include water related disease transmission, prevention, and treatment; aqueduct principles and troubleshooting; accounting; water source protection; leadership and community participation; and repair and maintenance.
This project addresses the need for improved access to potable water systems in rural Panamá by training water committees to manage their water systems. Though infrastructure is a fundamental step in meeting a community’s water needs, even the most well engineered aqueduct will fall into disrepair and misuse without appropriate management. It is the people who oversee a community’s water system that ensure its success and longevity. The rural water committees that this project targets are not receiving sufficient training for their task and, as a result, are not ensuring a reliable and potable water supply to their communities. The health and well being of each community, the growth and development of its children, and its overall progress are, in turn, significantly impacted.
Community contribution includes facilities, firewood, local food and materials, manual labor and session facilitation. Partnership Program funds will be used for transportation, seminar meals, didactic supplies, and standardized material development.

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