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|project=Women's Computer Education
The project is designed to provide free computer proficiency classes to residents of this Kyrgyz community. Specifically, the project’s main objective is to provide socially vulnerable women with skills which they would not be able to obtain otherwise due to lack of materials. The project requests funds for five new computers and five desks, and is designed to function for at least three years. Project sustainability will be provided by offering paid advanced classes to those people who are interested in broadening their computer skills. All materials will be installed and maintained by the town's library. The Red Crescent will coordinate participants in the project; participants will be chosen through involvement in past Social Rehabilitation for Vulnerable Women projects.
Following a predetermined schedule, instructors will start on basic skills such as Windows orientation, typing, and Microsoft Office. Participants will be allowed free computer time to practice newly acquired skills. Resource sustainability will be funded by offering more advanced students paid classes for additional complex programs, such as Adobe and Internet publishing software, needed to participate in a more world-wide setting.
Classes will be taught at the library, which will be providing instructors' wages. The library will also be providing the room space for materials, electricity, and chairs. The Red Crescent will provide software required to support the initial purpose and all advanced classes to maintain project sustainability.
Note: This summary was provided by a Peace Corps Volunteer and the community administering this project.

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