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See Appropriate technology information on Achajur Water Supply Pipeline Mapping at:Achajur Water Supply Pipeline Mapping at Appropedia.

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Achajur Maps

A practical Application of the Training Acquired during Tavush GIS Project in 2005.

<flickr>3519742163|thumb|m|left|Village Engineer’s drawing of the Achajur Irrigation supply system.</flickr>


<flickr>3519741595|thumb|m|left|Soviet topo map of Achajur with highly detail, though often incorrect information.</flickr>


<flickr>3519741805|thumb|m|left|1:100,000 Soviet Topographical Map of Achajur, Simpler with little correction needed.</flickr> <flickr>3520554794|thumb|m|left|Achajur Land stat image, color coded to show the types of vegetation and land use/ land cover.</flickr>
<flickr>3520554888|thumb|m|left|1:100,000 scale map with shade provided by DEM (Digital Elevation Model).</flickr>


<flickr>3520554992|thumb|m|left|1:100,000 Scale map with overlay of 1:50,000 scale map.</flickr>


<flickr>3520555736|thumb|m|left|Map of the layout of the fields and roads in the Achajur village district, the plots watered.</flickr>


<flickr>3519743441|thumb|m|left|Several layers overlaid with the waypoints of the locations of the pipe valves labeled.</flickr>
<flickr>3519743561|thumb|m|left|Geo-positioned map created in AutoCAD with waypoint Info and elevation info.</flickr> <flickr>3519743589|thumb|m|left|3-D perceptive view from the south toward Achajur with the main road framework.</flickr>
<flickr>3520557170|thumb|m|left|3-D perceptive Track lines from driving and walking around the village.</flickr>

Graphs with High Points based on GPS waypoints

<flickr>3519744261|thumb|m|left|Fall based on initial hand drawn community proposal.</flickr> <flickr>3519744135|thumb|m|left|Fall based on GPS measured revised proposal.</flickr>

March 2005 Photos

<flickr>3519744115|thumb|m|left|Site before Dam construction (March 05).</flickr>


<flickr>3520557744|thumb|m|left|Pipes delivery for project (March 05).</flickr>


<flickr>3519744291|thumb|m|left|BSLT project coordinator Nichole during pipe delivery (March 05).</flickr>


<flickr>3520557656|thumb|m|left|Evacuation pipeline. Pipeline is buried for over a kilometer. (March 05).</flickr>


<flickr>3519744397|thumb|m|left|Trench has a T for pipes running into the fields  (March 05).</flickr>


June 2005 Photos

<flickr>3520557954|thumb|m|left|Delivery of pipes near Dam site (June 05).</flickr>


<flickr>3520558004|thumb|m|left|Excavator assisting in the positioning of the pipeline (June 05).</flickr>

<flickr>3520558294|thumb|m|left|Welding of the pipes (June 05).</flickr> <flickr>3519744485|thumb|m|left|Pipes on the side of the road, awaiting ditch excavation (June 05).</flickr>
<flickr>3519745123|thumb|m|left|Fields and housing that will be assisted through project (June 05).</flickr>

July 2005 Photos

<flickr>3519747077|thumb|m|left|1930s era Hyrostation near the Azerbaijan border Pump Station for fields around Achajur (July 05).</flickr>

<flickr>3519746961|thumb|m|left|Pump and generators (July 05).</flickr>
<flickr>3519747029|thumb|m|left|New Stadium built in Achajur (July 05).</flickr>

August 2005 Photos

<flickr>3520558350|thumb|m|left|Diversion while foundation of spill dam is setting (August 05).</flickr> <flickr>3520558434|thumb|m|left|Dry steam bed  (August 05).</flickr>
<flickr>3519745215|thumb|m|left|A typical value and coated pipe before being buried (August 05).</flickr> <flickr>3519745183|thumb|m|left|Pipes supported on false work before being buried (August 05).</flickr>
<flickr>3519745493|thumb|m|left|Town of Achajur in the back road of ditch for one of the pipe lines (August 05).</flickr> <flickr>3520558598|thumb|m|left|Pump Station for fields around Achajur (August 05).</flickr>
<flickr>3519745383|thumb|m|left|Broken and Cannibalized piping systems (August 05).</flickr> <flickr>3519745643|thumb|m|left|Working with Community Engineers (August 05).</flickr>
<flickr>3519745605|thumb|m|left|Pumps at pump house at the base of the field are no longer operating because of age, poor construction quality and lack of cheap plentiful electricity(August 05).</flickr> <flickr>3520559034|thumb|m|left|Examining the old pump stations with community engineer (August 05).</flickr>

September 2005 Photos

<flickr>3519745325|thumb|m|left|Dam site for inlets for Fields Inlet to main pipe (September 05).</flickr>


<flickr>3519745297|thumb|m|left|Structure under construction (September 05).</flickr>



October 2005 Photos


<flickr>3520559310|thumb|m|left|Spill dam after a heavy rain, with air bleed in on the pipe (Oct 05)</flickr>


<flickr>3520559116|thumb|m|left|Taking measurements for a drawing of the dam and the spill way, overflow gate, and sediment basin? (Oct 05)</flickr>


<flickr>3520559362|thumb|m|left|Walking trackline for the piping. (Oct 05)</flickr>


<flickr>3519746105|thumb|m|left|Trying to get a measurement for the high point in the system. (Oct 05)</flickr>


<flickr>3519746215|thumb|m|left|“Y” joint for 150mm pipe. (Oct 05)</flickr>
<flickr>3520559602|thumb|m|left|Village Engineer walking the fields during the evaluation (Oct 05)</flickr>

<flickr>3519746451|thumb|m|left|Partly buried valves and pipes near the grape fields, with Armen and village engineer. (Oct 05)</flickr>
<flickr>3520559784|thumb|m|left|Old irrigation lines in the grape fields, some can be reused. (Oct 05)</flickr>


<flickr>3520559894|thumb|m|left|New pipeline bypassing the pump house. (Oct 05)</flickr>
<flickr>3519746927|thumb|m|left|219mm pipe and valve continuing to the pump house. (Oct 05)</flickr>


<flickr>3520560100|thumb|m|left|“T” 150 mm off of main line. (Oct 05)</flickr>
<flickr>3519746559|thumb|m|left|Inspection the high point on the pipeline for remeasuring. (Oct 05)</flickr>


<flickr>3520560420|thumb|m|left|Typical 150mm “T” to some of the grape fields. (Oct 05)</flickr>


<flickr>3519746987|thumb|m|left|Using the GPS device in the car to experiment with establishing track lines on the roads.(Oct 05) </flickr>