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"Bethanne Bahler, a 24-year-old volunteer from Wabash, Ind., was with a group of about 25 volunteers visiting a tourist area in Jamaica in 1974 when she disappeared. Her body was found floating in the water near a small waterfall.
Peace Corps records conclude she "slipped on rocks while crossing cascade."
"No one saw her fall, so no one knows exactly what happened," said Richard Follstad, who was with the group of volunteers that day.
Follstad believes Bahler likely fell, but when asked if he would rule out assault, he said, "No. Jamaica is a violent country." A volunteer who was a friend of his was raped the same year, Follstad said, and once he had to use a tire iron to ward off a man threatening him with a machete at a gas station.
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In a written response, the Peace Corps says it has no additional records on Bahler's death.
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Twenty days after Bahler’s death, a 24-year-old volunteer died in Afghanistan, and the explanation by the Peace Corps was nearly identical...."

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