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== Allada ==
Chris Starace, 1995-1997, Allada, Benin.
"The concentric circles represent the distance from my house that I could comfortably ride my bike to villages to teach cooperatives small business development. A Mtn. Bike was my only means of transportation and due to the heat, mud and rain, 6-10 miles was all I could do each way. The return trip was usually mid-day and was usually quite hot or very wet. This map was indispensable to me to help me find my way around. In the African bush there certainly are no street signs, and I was never good enough at the local language to ask for directions and understand anything more than a point of the finger." Right. "I lived across the path from [...] one extended family [...] Since there were 40 or so people who lived there, I found it hard to learn everyone's name, figure out how and to whom they were related, and in which house they lived. To help figure this out I drew a simple map of their housing compound and I labeled the parents of each house since one couple and their children lived in each house."
[[Hand Drawn Community Map]]
"This has been a popular project among Peace Corps Volunteers because it is fun, it teaches the kids geography and gives volunteers immediate gratification- something we rarely got from our efforts."
Chris's Documentary DVD [http://www.geocities.com/fon_is_fun/DVD.htm http://www.geocities.com/fon_is_fun/DVD.htm]
Chris's 2004 photos [http://www.friends-of-benin.org/Chris-s-photos-7.04.htm http://www.friends-of-benin.org/Chris-s-photos-7.04.htm]
== Abomey ==
Holly Dreier, 1996-1998, Abomey, Benin.
[[World Map Project]]
== External Links ==
[http://www.friends-of-benin.org/ http://www.friends-of-benin.org/]

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