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|pc= Volunteers
|firstname= Barbara
|lastname= Bean Browne
|country= Ecuador
|yearservicestarted= 1966
|yearserviceended= 1969
|site= Riobamba
|site2= Quito
|site3=Galápagos Islands
==Description of Service ==
Barbara Bean Browne worked with the Ministry of Agriculture, Escuelas Radiofonicas and the Peace Corps Quito office. She married Charles Browne, another volunteer, during her last year in Ecuador.
==Lessons Learned==
==About Barbara Bean Browne Today ==
Browne used Spanish as social worker in Texas. She went back for an MBA degree in Finance and held jobs in Brazil for14 years. She worked in Hong Kong as Assistant Trade Commissioner for Argentina and worked for Chase Manhattan while in Delaware. She also worked for Bank of Boston while in Sao Paulo, Brazil and 15 years with E.I. DuPont in various finance jobs including regional Asia/Pacific finance manager, located in Shanghai. She is now retired and volunteers with community Friends of the Library and the PAWS animal shelter. She is still married.
==External links==
* [http://peacecorpsonline.org/messages/messages/467/3211056.html Peace Corps Online RPCV Directory entry]

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Other Volunteers who passed away while serving in Peace Corps.
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Source: FOIA request #10076 (June 2010)

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