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|firstname=  Bill
|middlename= D.
|country=    Bolivia
|yearservicestarted=      1968
|group=      32
|site=        Patacamaya
|region=La Paz
At the Agricultural Station near Patacamaya, Lucho had started about 12 Agricultural cooperatives and I helped him with potato production, sheep and quinoa that the people grew.  Some had tractors and we taught tractor driving and maintenance and the use of more modern equipment.  The town nearest to the Experiment Station is Patacamaya which is half way between La Paz and Oruro.  Because of its location, it was the stopping off point for the then 8 hour ride between the two big cities.  It has since grown and with the new road to Chile and the sea probably will continue to grow.  In 1995 they had a bank, gas station, auto parts store, telephone, electricity, none of which existed in the 60's.

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