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|project=Camp GLOW South Africa 2004
|site=South Africa
To promote a culture of Gender equality and HIV awareness a week-long
camp for young women between the ages of 13 and 18 is being scheduled
during the June/July school holiday for 2004. Women who are adults
will be trained in advance to serve as counselors.These camp
counselors will facilitate camp sessions, plan and conduct activities
and subsequently serve as leader of youth clubs in their communities
when they return. Camp GLOW will provide a forum for young women frim
eight rural communities to gain knowledge and skills that will empower
them to take responsibility in area os social concerns in their
villages. At comp, counselors will focus on development of increased
self-esteem and, equally important, the ability to act outside of the
constraints of gender "expectations: in their communities. These young
women will be given opportunities to explore leadership skills and
decision-making. They will develop life skills which will provide
opportunities in choosing careers, making responsible sexuality
decisions, and skills with which to resist and analyze peer pressure.
Social change, in which women have equal opportunities, status and
expression is slow in coming to many rural communities. A lack of
equality in relationships and other social arenas leaves women
particulary vulnerable to HIV infection. It is hoped that the focus on
lifeskills provided by Camp GLOW will lower the young women's risk
behaviors for HIV and other social issues and problems

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