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|project=Business Camp
This is being adapted from a HIV/AIDS camp that was for primary age students.  The camp was for 5 days, but the sessions were for 3 days.
===Day 1===
Welcome and introductions
“everyone lives by selling something”
Explain what this session is about, what will happen during your sessions for the week.
Start by asking questions about what their parents do:
*What does your father do for a living?
*Your mother?
*Answers will probably include farming, trading, sewing, provision stores, etc.
You get at the point that all their family survive (and prosper for those that are good at what they do) by selling or producing something
Briefly go over the plan for the next three days:
*Basic business information
*Opportunity to run their own business
So what is a business?
*the practice of making one’s living by engaging in a trade
There are three types of businesses:
*Producing and selling items
**what does it mean to produce something?
***to make or grow; ask for some examples from students (growing and selling vegetables, making kente and selling it at the market, etc.)
*Buying and selling items (trading)
**what are some examples?
***selling rice or sugar at the market, minerals at the provision store, selling GTP/ATL cloth
**where do you buy and sell?
***the market, the provision stores, the street
*Providing a service to other people
*what does it mean to service someone?
**help or do work for someone; ask for some examples (driving a taxi, hairdresser, by day weeding, etc.)
===Day 2===
can identify which type of business it is. (ie kente : producing and selling, fanta: buying and selling, etc.)
So what is a business?
What are the three types?
Some examples?
Now will look at Pricing
So what is Pricing?
*Pricing means deciding on the price you will charge for your product of service
So figuring out how much you want to charge for kente or wash someones hair
'''''Remind them that they will be running a business of their own, so it is very important that they pay attention… if they want to be successful and make money.'''''
After you price your product or service, what do you need?
**people to buy or use your product or service
So what is marketing?
*Getting the customer to come to your product or use your service (convincing people to buy your product/service)
How can you market your products?
*Actions when selling: polite, shout, smile, be friendly so people come back
*Making things nice and orderly: sweeping, stocking your goods in a creative way or nicely, painting and decorating your store, looking clean and presentable
*Advertisements: eye catching kiosk pictures, information centres, signboards, radio, stickers
*Logos (symbol that represents your business) ie. Tigo- express yourself, MTN-everywhere you are
Why should you use marketing?
*Let people know about your product
*Sell faster
*Gain new customers/keep existing ones
Now they are going to spend the next day preparing for their business, so you can review everything that you just went over and explain about the business they are going to run.  Since they also had sessions about environment, we sold moringa seedling and for fun we also did jolly juice.  They could use the information they learned about moringa during their environment session in their sales pitch, etc.
===Day 3===
Welcome back to biz
Review of Day 1:
*What is a business?
*Types of business?
*What is marketing, why is it important? The types of marketing?
*How did the businesses go? What did you do to sell your products? Did people buy them? Did you have fun?
Now we want to talk about how things went yesterday, and if you were able to make a profit on your business
What is income?
*Any money that comes into a business
What is expense?
*Any money that goes out of a business
How does money come in?
*By producing and selling
*By buying and selling
*By providing a service
How does money go out?
*Materials purchased
*Money spent on services (electricity, transport, etc)
*Wages to employees
*Repair/replacement of materials/equipment
So lets look at our business:
*What was being sold and at what price
*What were the expenses
*How much did we sell
So now that we know our income and expenses, we can figure out if the business was successful or not
How can you tell if your business is good?
How can you tell if your business is bad?
How do you figure out if you made a profit or ran at a loss?
Money in from sales minus money out for expenses = profit or loss
Is profit the same as income?
*No. profit means your business receives more money from sales that you spend on expenses
Gh¢ 10 (money from sales) - Gh¢ 7 (money out for expenses) = Gh¢ 3 PROFIT
Loss means you spend more money on producing or buying your product/service than you receive by selling it
Gh¢ 7 (money from sales) - Gh¢ 10 (money out for expenses) = Gh¢ -3 LOSS
Now lets calculate our profit/loss
*What was your income?
*What were some of the expenses?
*What was the total expense?
*How do we calculate the profit/loss?
Final Review:
*What is a business? What are the three types?
*Marketing, why?
Keys to a good business:
*Have unique product or service
*Market your product or service well
*Decrease your expenses
*Reuse profit wisely

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