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|appropedia= yes
|appropedia= yes
[[Category:templates regions]]

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This is the 'regionbox' template. It should be called in the following format:

|wikipedia= (yes or no)
|wikitravel= (yes or no)....in development
|appropedia= (yes or no)

Edit the page to see the template text.


{{#if:yes|Ecuador Regions|}}
{{#if:yes|Ecuador PC Sites|}}

Santa Elena
Region(s)|}} Santa Elena
Country Located in::Ecuador
{{#if:Santa Elena|Volunteers who served in the region: Santa Elena|}}
{{#if:Santa Elena|{{#ask: Served in::EcuadorName of region was::Santa Elena|format=list|limit=15}}|}}
{{#if:Santa Elena|Sites in: Santa Elena|}}
{{#if:Santa Elena|Projects in Santa Elena|}}
{{#if:Santa Elena|{{#ask:Name of region was::Santa ElenaProject in::Ecuador|format=list|limit=15}}|}}


Regionbox follows the same naming convention as an article in Wikipedia. go there! What's this?


See Appropriate technology information on Santa Elena at:Santa Elena at Appropedia.


Santa Elena, Ecuador
| }} If you served in Ecuador, please create a page on yourself. Thanks!

{{#if:Santa Elena|==Volunteers Who Have Served in Santa Elena==|}} {{#if:Santa Elena|{{#ask:Name of region was::Santa ElenaServed in::Ecuador | ?Name of community was | ?Started service in | ?Ended service in | ?Served in sector| ?Primary assignment was| sort = Started service in| | order = ascending}}|}}

{{#if:Santa Elena||}}