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==External Links==
[http://www.charlottepeacecorps.org/ Charlotte Area Peace Corps Association]
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[[Category:RPCV Associations]]
|dos=Designer and Product Developer for artisan handcrafts, serving the cooperatives of artisans from all over the country. OCEPA, was the Ecuadorian Govenment's export arm and also opened retail stores in Cuenca, Quito, Buenos Aires, and installed design projects in Cali,Colombia. We promoted artisan crafts with a catalog for mail order to USA and Europe. We designed interiors of Ecuatoria Airlines aircraft. We promoted the work of the artisans at the World Craft Council's Convention in Lima Peru 1969.
|lessons=It was one of the best experiences one could possibly have in life. The good and the bad, the lessons learned, the inspiration and perspective one can gain is immeasurable for sure. I would do it again, and indeed I may, if I can find the right program when I retire.
|about=Have worked as a Designer and Visual Merchandising Director since leaving the Peace Corps, Creative Playthings, Inc. Princeton, N.J. Corp. Director-Visual Merchandising - May D+F, Denver, Burdines/Florida, Daytons-Dayton Hudson Corp. Minneapolis, and most recently The Taubman Company, Bloomfield Hls, MI- Premeir Shoppig Malls - nationwide. Currently a Consultant and eBayer. Have always used artisan products throughout my career when possible for use in Display and Design Projects, including Mexico, India, Latin America, and Thailand - Christmas Ornaments mostly. Also for many years, exhibited my collection of crafts from Latin America at Universities throughout the USA.
|references=[http://peacecorpsonline.org/messages/messages/467/3210525.html Peace Corps Online RPCV Entry]

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