History of the Peace Corps in Fiji

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The Peace Corps has had a long and highly successful history of service in Fiji. Prior to suspending operations in early l998, Volunteers served the country for 30 years without interruption. More than 2,200 Peace Corps Volunteers have worked with local communities and organizations in various sectors, including education, business, environmental resource management, health, fisheries, and agriculture.

Notable past achievements by Peace Corps Volunteers include introducing environmental themes into secondary school curricula, small business projects with the Fiji Development Bank and Junior Achievement, and programming with both the Ministry of Youth and Ministry of Women. Volunteers significantly impacted the highly regarded Management Planning Advisors project by training local government staff in organizational and project planning. Their contribution of management skills and tools are still evident in many provincial and district offices throughout Fiji.

In 2002, the government of Fiji requested that the Peace Corps return. An assessment team came to Fiji and found that Peace Corps could once again make meaningful and substantive contributions to the development of Fiji. In late 2003, the program reopened. Volunteers now work in two project sectors: integrated environmental resource management and community health promotion.

History and Future of Peace Corps Programming in Fiji

Peace Corps/Fiji Volunteers are currently working on two projects. A brief description of each follows.

Integrated Environmental Resource Management: The natural environment of Fiji is one of its most valuable and sacred assets. In collaboration with government departments, members of the Fiji Locally Managed Marine Areas (FLMMA), and other nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), Peace Corps Volunteers provide educational and technical support on environmental preservation for inter-coastal management efforts and marine protected areas, and they help promote effective ecotourism practices. Volunteers work cooperatively with ministries, provincial and district offices, NGOs, and community members to build capacity and act as facilitators for their communities’ involvement in preserving and protecting Fiji’s natural environmental resources. Some Volunteers work with teachers and students to integrate environmental awareness activities into the classroom.

Community Health Promotion: In partnership with the Ministry of Health, the Centre for Health Promotion, NGOs, and local governments, Volunteers assist in health education, prevention, and promotion. With an emphasis on prevention, Volunteers work with local Ministry of Health staff to provide workshops and materials to rural areas. Volunteers work closely with schools and youth organizations to promote healthy life-skills training and prevention of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Volunteers also help build capacity and community outreach in youth health programs. A key aspect of their work is to improve the quality of health promotion outreach programs to increase health knowledge among youth. Volunteers work closely with youth workers, health staff, and community leaders to improve abilities in information technology (IT), healthy lifestyle practices, and means to enhance livelihoods.

Assignment History

Sector Assignment Beg. Yr End. Yr
Agriculture Ag Economics 1981 1983
Ag Extension 1981 2007
Animal Husband 1980 1980
Animal Husband Lg 1979 1993
Apiculture 1973 1985
Crop Extension 1967 1976
Fisheries Marine 1982 1986
Business Accounting 1980 1996
Archictecture 1984 1984
Business Advising 1975 2007
Business Development 1971 2007
Computer Science 1992 1992
Cooperatives 1971 1991
NGO Advising 2003 2003
Urban and Regional Planning 1984 1989
Crisis Corps Crisis Corps 1993 1994
Education Art Education 1983 1983
English Teacher 1982 1982
English Teacher Trainer 1992 1994
Fisheries Fresh 1981 1995
Gen. Construction 1979 1985
Home Economics 1982 1982
Industrial Arts 1971 1986
Library Science 1982 1986
Math Teacher Trainer 1993 1993
Phys. Ed/Youth Wk 1982 1994
Prim-Ed/Teach Trn 1982 2003
Science Ed/Gen. 1983 1985
Science Teacher Trainer 1992 1995
Secondary-Ed Math 1979 1991
Secondary-Ed Sci. 1981 1995
Special Ed/Blind 1995 1995
Speech Therapy 1995 1995
Univ. English Teaching 1982 1995
Voc. Trainer 1974 1982
Environment Comm Forestry Ext 1977 1977
Environmental Ed. 2003 2007
Forestry 1982 2007
Protected Areas Management 2003 2007
Health Envir. and Water Resource 1982 2007
Health Degreed 1982 2007
Health Extension 1982 2007
Home Econ/Ext. 1982 1982
Hygiene Ed/Sanitation 1982 1984
Med. Technician 1980 1986
Nursing 1979 1987
Physical Therapy 1980 1986
Other Flexible App 1982 1982
Unique Skill 1980 1993
UNV United Nations Volunteer 1979 2000
Youth and Community Development Appropriate Tech. 1973 1982
Commun. Serv/Deg. 1981 2006
Mechanics 1982 1982
Road Const/Engin. 1985 1985
Rural Youth Dev. 1983 1986
Youth Development 2003 2007