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  • The main article for a country will be it's conventional short name used in everyday language. The official name will be redirected to the conventional short name.
    • "Morocco" instead of "Kingdom of Morocco".

  • Titles that use the country name should follow conventional English phrasing. This helps for search engines searching direct queries. (Cities, towns, and villages are an exception, see below)

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  • The word of 'Peace Corps' is understood for most article.

  • The name of the Country is understood for subsections if the article has the country name in the title.


Category titles

  • A category is titled in the plural if each member of the category constitutes an instance of what that title refers to.
    • Use of plural: [[Category:Countries]] (each member of the category is "a country": Albania, Armenia, Ukraine, etc.)
    • Use of singular: [[Category:Transportation]] (each member of the category is related to transportation, but is not "a transportation")

Personal titles

  • The following characters are can/can not be used in a title
    • not allowed: ( ) { } [ ] &
    • allowed: (period) (comma) [A-Z] [a-z] [0-9]

Category tag use

  • General tags [[Category:Needs review]] can be used anywhere ...or something to alert administration to the article's status

Region articles

  • [[Category:(Region name)]]
    • [[Category:Africa]]

Country articles

  • [[Category:(Country name)]]
    • [[Category:Nigeria]]

Personal articles

  • Tag each personal page with: [[Category:(Country name) volunteers]] or [[Category:(Country name) staff]] and [[Category:(Country name)(the year service started)]]

Note: Please use name of the country, example: [[Category:Bolivia volunteers]] not [[Category:Bolivian volunteers]]

For example to add an article called Albert Einstein to the category "people" and have the article sorted by "Einstein, Albert". You would type "[[Category:People|Einstein, Albert]]".

  • The tags: [[Category:volunteer]]and [[Category:Volunteers who served in (Country name)]] categories will slowly be phased out.

Category tags under a country

  • All pages must contain [[Category:(Country name)]]

Site articles

  • [[Category:(Country name) sites]]
  • A general grouping of all sites I think is still good under [[Category:Sites]]