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|site= Noyemberyan
|wikipedia= yes
|sitebar= yes
|country= Armenia
|Year site was established= ?
|Total Volunteers= 7?
|Number of NGOs= ?
== Location ==
Noyemberyan is north of [[Ijevan]] and very close the Armenia Azeri border. Border action often limits travel on the [[Ijevan]] to Noyemberyan road. 
==External Links==
[http://www.rpcv-nf.org/ Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of North Florida]
== Volunteers who served in Noyemberyan ==
[[Category:Regional Associations]]
[[Category:RPCV Associations]]
[[Dan Retz]]<br>
[[John R. Tease]]<br>
[[Kevin Gage]], [[Kyle Gifford]], [[Alex Harris]] and [[Eileen Marin]]
== Projects ==
See Dan Retz and John Tease's [[Noyemberyan_Armenia_composting_toilet]]
Will Dickinson's GPS presentations

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