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Nancy Turner Sturdivant served in Cochabamba from July of 1962 to August of 1964 as a Public Health Nurse and group coordinator.  Part of the time I lived in Cochabamba with the Cornejo family and part of the time with a family in Tiquepaya.  At this moment I cannot locate the family name of the Tiquepaya couple but their first names were Alcira and Armando and they were wonderful people with beautiful children.  I found the Bolivian people to be kind, generous, patient and welcoming. Armando and his wife built onto their house probably to give them more room for their growing family, but while we were there it served well for my fellow volunteer nurse Lois Duffin and myself while we lived with the family.  They even installed a faucet with running water and a latrine.  Armando was a community leader and ran a small store.  The family lived on the town square across from the R. C. church. Much of our work centered around opening small community clinics, teaching and encouraging families to install latrines, and operating a small clinic near the school where we bandaged up little scrapes and minor injuries of the school children and out of which we taught the children about health practices, hygiene, etc.
We worked closely with Father Bob and the Sisters of Charity who also had similar work going on in the outlying areas of Cochabamba.  Our work was enabled by having access to a jeep which allowed us the flexibility of getting into the countryside in those days when transportation was difficult to come by except by riding in the backs of trucks.
Perhaps later I will add more to this journal. NTS
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