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The goal of the Multimedia Room Project is to create a modern technology classroom that will be used by over 300 students and teachers at a rural school in Bulgaria. This will be achieved by permanently installing technology that is already in the school’s possession (a laptop and multimedia projector) and by training the staff and students in its use.
This project is a priority for both the teachers and the students at school and works towards the school's long-term goals of modernization and quality education improvement. The multimedia room will serve many important functions. First, it will be used as a technology classroom that will be available for use by all the teachers and their classes. One of the most important components of the project will be training both the teaching staff and the students in the use of the multimedia equipment. Teachers will learn new ideas for incorporating technology into the classroom and students will receive training in the equipment and will practice presentation skills that will better prepare them both for further study at university and the workforce. The room will also serve an important function in the school as a ‘free period room’ for students when classes are cancelled. And finally, the multimedia room will be used as a theater by an after school, student-organized film club.
The school will provide the computer and multimedia projector as well as the space for the room. Members of the school staff will also provide the labor both for remodeling the room and training the school community. Money from the Peace Corps Partnership Program will be used to remodel a currently un-used space in the school and to purchase educational videos for the school’s library.
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