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|project=Nianjema Secondary School
|firstname=Sloan Jr.
== History ==
'''Nianjema Secondary School''' is the brainchild of a former Peace Corps Volunteer, [[Charles Sloan]], Jr., from Vienna, [[Virginia]]. After teaching at a government boarding school and a private school in [[Tanzania]], he realized that there were many young people who just wanted a chance for an education. Charlie founded [[Nianjema]] Secondary School with three Tanzanians: a medical student, an architect/builder and a government official.
==Timeline ==
*'''[[1999]]''' Purchased 15 acres of land designated for a school by the Bagamoyo Town Council.
*'''[[2000]]''' Built 7 buildings without the use of electricity and by making the
sun-dried bricks from sand and well-water on the premises. The first seven buildings were: administration building, four-classroom building, library, science laboratory, dining/assembly hall, and two toilet/shower buildings.
*'''[[2001]]''' Opened school with 90 students, 7 teachers, 1 headmaster, 2 cooks, and 1 night watchman.
*'''[[2002]]''' Enrolled a second class of students, with 129 students and 9 teachers. A second four-classroom building, dispensary/storage building, and one staff house were built.
*'''[[2003]]''' Expanded school to a third class of 174 students. A third large classroom and another staff house were built. The first national tests results were received placing Nianjema in the top 20% of all schools in Tanzania.
*'''[[2004]]''' Graduated 45 students in December. There were 11 teachers instructing 225 students in four grades. A computer lab, storeroom/shop and two additional staff houses were built. Construction began on a classroom/workshop building.
*'''[[2005]]''' High school classes began in April for 45 students. With the increased enrollment, 16 teachers were hired for the entire school.
*'''[[2006]]''' The Form IV students placed in the top 15% in the country of smaller sized schools on the national examinations. The school continues to grow with 308 students and 22 teachers. Five more staff houses are being constructed this year.
*'''[[2007]]''' Nianjema celebrated the graduation of its first 12 students in January of 2007. The girls' dormitory was completed and the girls moved in.
*'''[[2008]]''' On the national exams, the Form 4 students scored in the top 5% of the country, and the Form 2 students were in the top 10%.  The boys' dormitory is under construction and will be completed in April.
== Goals ==
*1. Provide a quality education for the young people of Bagamoyo, Tanzania, who would not otherwise have an opportunity. Only 20% of the children of Tanzania attend secondary school, mainly because this poor country cannot afford to build the schools.
*2. Ensure continuing education opportunities by  establishing a two-year high school.
*3. Provide equal educational opportunities for girls and boys.
*4. Encourage girls to compete in math and the sciences.
*5. Fulfill a great gap in education in Bagamoyo by providing a local day school.
*6. Strive for self-supporting school once all the buildings, teacher housing and laboratory equipment are completed.
*7. Maximum number of students per class to be 30.
*8. Provide two healthy meals for all students and teachers.
*9. No corporal punishment (which is common in East Africa).
*10. Make available two tuition scholarships per class for orphan children.
== School Trustees ==
*[[Charles Sloan Jr.]], Manager of Nianjema Secondary School, former Peace Corps Volunteer, USA citizen, graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.
*Daniel Manase, on site architect and builder for the past six years, received his Diploma of Architectural Engineering from Dar es Salaam Technical College.
*Dr. Frank Manase, medical doctor, and graduate of Muhimbili Medical School, [[Dar es Salaam]], [[Tanzania]].
*Gideon Kiyense, received a Diploma in Accounting and had 30 years of experience on the Tanzania Cotton Board and retired as Chief Accountant and Supervisor.
*Faustine Rutaihwa, a retired telephone executive with TTCL (Tanzania Telephone Company Limited) with business expertise, graduated from University of Nairobi, Kenya, and received a Master of Science in Management, Education Institute, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.
== Teaching Staff ==
Mr. Emmanuel Senavuri, headmaster of Nianjema, received his B.A.Ed., University of Dar es Salaam, was headmaster at Magamba Secondary School, teacher and trainer at MANTEP, and School Inspector at Tanzanian Ministry of Education.
*Juliana Alex – English, Kiswahili Teacher
*Aloyce Chengula – Geography, Math Teacher
*Anthony Emanuel – History, Geography Teacher
*Michael James – History, General Studies Teacher
*Rhema Juma – Biology, Geography Teacher
*Ignatius Kinyenje – Geography, English Teacher
*Lemigius Kyarwenda – Physics, Mathematics Teacher
*Elizabeth Lucas – Librarian
*Makuri Magabu – Mathematics, Physics Teacher
*George Masanja – Computer Teacher
*Fortunatus Massawe – Bookkeeping, Commerce Teacher
*David Mbaga – Chemistry, Biology Teacher
*Samuel Mtaui – English, Civics Teacher
*Erasto Mtumba – History, Kiswahili Teacher
*Christina Mwita – English, General Studies Teacher
*Abel Ngakonda – Geography, Computer Science Teacher
*Asha Ramadhani – Biology, Geography Teacher
*Daudi Saimon – Physics, Mathematics Teacher
*Oswald Salikoki – Science Lab Assistant
*Emmanuel Senavuri – Headmaster
*Allen C. Shao – Chemistry, Physics Teacher
== Donate and Contribute ==
NIANJEMA SECONDARY SCHOOL in Bagamoyo, Tanzania  is a new school in high demand. It is  run by a board of trustees comprised of four Tanzanians and one American, and  the school is supported by the U.S.-based non-profit organization, Tanzania  Education Fund.
On the national exams for 2007, the Form 4 students scored in the top 5% of the country, and the Form 2 students were in the top 10%.  An outstanding accomplishment for a new school!
Nianjema is in its eighth year with over 300 students and  23 teachers.&nbsp; In its first year, there  were 90 students and 8 teachers.&nbsp; Each  year it has excelled.&nbsp; Both girls and boys have an equal opportunity to enroll at Nianjema,  with the goal of an equal number of girls and boys in every beginning Form I  class.&nbsp;
[http://www.tanzaniaeducation.org/profiles.html Read the stories of the students.]
100% of all donations go directly to the school, as there  are no administrative costs.
Support the Tanzania Education Fund with a tax-deductible donation using Pay Pal or Aid for Africa.
http://www.aidforafrica.org Member Aid For Africa
Member of 2008 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) #73512.
Or send your contribution to:
Tanzania Education Fund, Inc.<br>
107 Pleasant Street, NW<br>
Vienna, VA 22180
Or contact:Daphne Sloan, Executive Director, at mailto:DaphDollar@AOL.com
== Summer 2009 ==
New Buildings were finished on the campus in 2009.
|<flickr>4107077519|thumb|m|none|New building (Summer 2009)</flickr>
||<flickr>4107842696|thumb|m|none|Girls Dorm</flickr>
||<flickr>4107077607|thumb|m|none|Campus </flickr>
||<flickr>4107077649|thumb|m|none|Students Relaxing</flickr>
||<flickr>4107077669|thumb|m|none|Physics Class</flickr>
||<flickr>4107077693|thumb|m|none|Reading Class</flickr>
||<flickr>4107077723|thumb|m|none|Science Lab</flickr>
||<flickr>4107077751|thumb|m|left|Computer Class</flickr>
||<flickr>4107077777|thumb|m|left|View from Building</flickr>
||<flickr>4107077815|thumb|m|left|Charles Sloan Jr. in front of new construction.</flickr>
||<flickr>4107842980|thumb|m|left|Girl's Class.</flickr>
== External Links ==

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