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|project=Kumasi Ventilated-Improved Pit Latrines for Community Schools
|region=Upper West
A community in the Upper West Region of Ghana suffers from some of the poorest conditions in the country. The community’s Primary and Junior High Schools serve 732 students and lack proper latrine toilets. Currently, students have no sanitary way of relieving themselves during school hours. This project aims to provide each school with a Kumasi Ventilated-Improved Pit (KVIP) latrine with hand-washing stations that collect rainwater.
This project is supported by the Ghana Education Service and led by the local Parent and Teacher Association. The community has established work groups and mobilized to dig two pits (one for each school), excavating more than 2,300 cubic feet of dirt. Additionally, the community has acquired a tractor to collect local materials like sand and stone for the construction, and women have volunteered to provide food for the laborers each day that they work. The community's contribution makes up 28% of the project budget.
This community is committed to the development of its children, and wants every child to receive a well-rounded education in a safe and sanitary environment. At the completion of this project, each school will have a three-seater KVIP latrine with private rooms for boys, girls, and teachers.
Partnership funds will be used to purchase the cement, lumber, roofing materials and contract labor necessary for the construction of the two KVIP latrines.
Note: This summary was provided by a Peace Corps Volunteer and the community administering this project.

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