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This is a property of type [[Has type::String]].
#REDIRECT[[United Nations Volunteers]]
The allowed values for this property are:
* [[Allows value::Agroforestry]]
* [[Allows value::Sustainable Agricultural Science]]
* [[Allows value::Farm Management and Agribusiness]]
* [[Allows value::Animal Husbandry]]<br><br>
* [[Allows value::Municipal Development]]
* [[Allows value::Small Business Development]]
* [[Allows value::NGO Development]]
* [[Allows value::Urban and Regional Planning]]<br><br>
* [[Allows value::Primary Teacher/Training]]
* [[Allows value::Secondary Teacher/Training]]
* [[Allows value::Math/Science Teacher/Training]]
* [[Allows value::Special Education/Training]]
* [[Allows value::Deaf/Education]]
* [[Allows value::Vocational Teacher/Training]]
* [[Allows value::University Teacher/Training]]
* [[Allows value::English Teacher/Training (TEFL)]]<br><br>
* [[Allows value::Environmental Education]]
* [[Allows value::National Park Management]]
* [[Allows value::Dry Land Natural Resource Conservation]]
* [[Allows value::Fisheries Fresh]]
* [[Allows value::Ecotourism Development]]
* [[Allows value::Coastal /Fisheries Resource Management]]<br><br>
* [[Allows value::Public Health Education]]
* [[Allows value::AIDS Awareness]]<br><br>
* [[Allows value::Information Technology]]<br><br>
* [[Allows value::Skilled Trades]]
* [[Allows value::Water and Sanitation Resources Engineering]]
* [[Allows value::Housing Construction Development]]<br><br>
* [[Allows value::Youth]]<br><br>
* [[Allows value::Other]]<br><br>

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