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! {{#if:{{{site|}}}|[[:category:sites|Site(s)]]|}}
! {{#if:{{{site|}}}|[[:category:sites|Site(s)]]|}}
| {{#arraymap:{{{site|}}}|,|x|[[Name of Community Was::x]]}}{{#arraymap:{{{site2|}}}|,|x|, [[Name of Community Was::x]]}}{{#arraymap:{{{site3|}}}|,|x|, [[Name of Community Was::x]]}}
| {{#arraymap:{{{site|}}}|,|x|[[Name of community was::x]]}}{{#arraymap:{{{site2|}}}|,|x|, [[Name of community was::x]]}}{{#arraymap:{{{site3|}}}|,|x|, [[Name of community was::x]]}}
! {{#if:{{{region|}}}|[[:category:regions|Region(s)]]|}}
! {{#if:{{{region|}}}|[[:category:regions|Region(s)]]|}}

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This is the 'volunteerinfobox' template. It should be called in the following format:

|map= ("yes" to display; "no" leave field blank)

Edit the page to see the template text.