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Gansu Province
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Gansu Province follows the same naming convention as an article in Wikipedia. go there! What's this?


See Appropriate technology information on Gansu Province at:Gansu Province at Appropedia.


Gansu Province, China
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Gansu Province

Zhangya: I live in Zhangye, Gansu Province, the northernmost assignment. It's a small city of about 250,000 and seems both larger and smaller than that number at different times. I have three awesome sitemates and a lot of amazing scenery. The Gobi Desert, Mati Si (Buddhist mountain temples) and Danxia Di Mao (painted rocks world heritage site) are all within a day's bike ride, albeit some long ones. I teach at the local medical college with one of my sitemates, while the other two volunteers teach at the larger Hexi University. I have had nothing but good experiences here and highly recommend this region. It is remote though and a 27-hour train trip to Chengdu. Money goes further here, but there are far fewer things to spend it on.

I am in a small town in Gansu province, teaching at a small college. I have one sitemate. We are the only foreigners here. The air is extremely dry, desert-like. The terrain is very barren. It gets quite cold in the winter,but we do have great heat which gets turned on around November 1. In my town there is no western foods or groceries available at all. There are some western food restaurants and some western food supplies sold in Lanzhou, about two hours away by bus.