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Friends of Ecuador is a proud supporter of the Peace Corps and the National Peace Corps Association. FOE maintains links with Ecuadorian grassroots organizations and helps to reconnect former volunteers in the Peace Corps Ecuador. The group was established by Tad Baldwin in 1986 during the 25th Anniversary of the Peace Corps. For years, Tad and other RPCVs produced newsletters, connected RPCVs, and communicated with Ecuadorian colleagues and the PC Quito office to offer continued support of community projects. In 2003 RPCVs Josh Busby ('97-'99) and Ben Bellows ('97-'00) approached Tad and Franck Goron at eAngel (now Orchid Suites) to create a website to serve as the virtual hub for Ecuador RPCVs. The site now can take credit card donations, register RPCVs, displays links to a growing Flickr photographic archive, and offers current news feeds relevant to Ecuador. Josh serves as the President, Ben is the Vice-President and Tad continues more than 20 years of dedication by currently serving as the Treasurer.

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