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The programs also known as [[sectors]] that Peace Corps places volunteers in. These have changed through the history of Peace Corps.
Peace Corps Programs are are divided among eight work divisions and 25 more specific sectors. Volunteers work with local institutions involved in the work below. While volunteers are encouraged to take on secondary projects, their primary assignment will be to collaborate with these institutions in the following sectors.
Listed below are Programs divided by sector show the countries with those program sectors. To see a list of current Peace Corps Countries by region, go here [[countries]].
:[[Primary Teacher Training]]<br>
:[[Secondary Teacher Training]]<br>
:[[Math/Science/ IT Teacher Training]]<br>
:[[University Level Training]]<br>
:[[Special Education Training]]<br>
:[[Vocational Education Teachers]]<br>
:(Note: TEFL indicates Teaching English as a Foreign Language)<br>
[[Youth Development]]<br>
:[[Youth Development]]<br>
:[[Public Health Education]]<br>
:[[Professional Health Education]]<br>
:[[AIDS Awareness]]<br>
[[Skilled Trades]]<br>
:[[Water and Sanitation Resources Engineering]]<br>
:[[Construction Project Development]]<br>
:[[Municipal Development]]<br>
:[[Small Business Development]]<br>
:[[NGO Development]]<br>
:[[Urban and Regional Planning]]<br>
[[Information Technology]]<br>
:[[Information and Communication Technology]]<br>
:[[Sustainable Agricultural Science]]<br>
:[[Farm Management and Agribusiness]]<br>
:[[Animal Husbandry]]<br>
:[[Environmental Education]]<br>
:[[National Park Management, Dry land Nat Resource Conservation]]<br>
:[[Ecotourism Development]]<br>
:[[Coastal Resource Management]]<br>

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