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== Welcome Books ==
Peace Corps' most up-to-date official publication on a country is '''"The Peace Corps Welcomes You to 'Country''''. This book is mailed to Peace Corps Invitees that have been invited to serve in a particular country, and is known as the [[Welcome Books | Welcome Book]]
This publication is revised every couple of years with the bulk of the responsibility for editing/updating the content placed on the Peace Corps Country Director (CD).
*'''Issues''' with Welcome books:  
** The CD usually has more important things to do, so little priority is placed on the publication.
** CD leads a very different lifestyle in most countries than PCV's do, so the subjective statements in the book can vary greatly from what volunteers actually say.
* '''The solution''' is Peacecorpswiki.org's country pages. They are based on all the information in '''The Peace Corps Welcomes You to 'Country''''; however, PCV's in a particular [[country]] and RPCV's who served in a particular [[country]] can actively edit items and add content to the pages to keep them updated.
See below for a table of all the links to welcome books by http://www.peacecorps.gov:
*List of [[Welcome Books | Peace Corps' Official Welcome Books by country]]

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