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[[Category:Eastern Europe and Central Asia]]
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{{who served in|Guatemala}}
[[Carol Bellamy]]
Carol (Woychowski) Ventura
Michael Gardella, Olapa, Chiqumala - Ag Advisor
Oops.  Wrong edit button, see 1987 (bc@crossanfarms.com).
[[Erik W. Lang]]
Who is this Michael Gardella?  I served in Olopa, Chiquemula from 1986 (Feb. 11, 1986 to April xx,1988 (3 month extension)) to 1988, and I replaced William (Wild Bill) Lennox (lived in Oxnard CA) who COSed early because his parents were ill.  Peter Jipp was the veggie guy, in Olopa before Wild Bill.  Other volunteers there were Jaime ______ (super volunteer, was there 5 years, EVERYBODY called him Jaime), Greg Kirkpatric (fish head, replaced Jaime, even though Jaime stayed) and Eric Madsen (appropriate tech. wood stoves etc.).  If my memory is correct(which considering that I never keep in touch with anyone) may not be accurate, Michael Gardella served in Jocotan, just down the road from Camotan (or visa versa).  Which brings me to why I was looking on this site to begin with; Olopa, Camotan and Jocotan have disappeared off of Google Maps.  Any particular reason why?  Some of the aldea names remain; Tituque, Roblarcito, but three whole towns have vanished.  If y'all don't know why, who would?
Hope you can shed some light,
Bruce Crossan RPCV Olopa, Guatemala (1985-88)

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