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*The following is listing of all known Zambia volunteer blogs
*Blogs sites are offer moved and edited, please use the wiki to edit this page and add yourself
[[Category:The Caribbean]]
*Blogs and feeds on this site are meant to complement those on the http://www.peacecorpsjournals.com
== Current Volunteer Blogs ==
*Matt, Rural Aquaculture Promotion, http://fishinginzambia.wordpress.com/
*Maghen, Community Health Improvement Program, http://zambiahereicome.tumblr.com/
== Past Volunteer Blogs ==
''For a more comprehensive listing of volunteers see: [[Volunteers who served in Zambia]]''
== 2011 ==
*Richard, Rural Education Development, http://uglyamericaninafrica.blogspot.com/
*Jessica, Rural Education Development, http://nogoingback-thereisonlyforward.blogspot.com
== 2009 ==
*Nicole and Chris, Rural Education Development and Linking Income, Food and the Environment volunteers, http://audettesinafrica.blogspot.com/
== 2008 ==
*Trevor, agroforestry and rural education, http://travelswithtrevor.blogspot.com/
*Carrie, Rural Education Development Volunteer, http://carriezambia.blogspot.com/
== 2007 ==
== 2006 ==
*Daneen, Community Based Education Development Volunteer, http://daneenleidig.blogspot.com

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