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== This is the starting place for adding an Volunteer to the Peace Corps Wiki==
A Volunteer is a person that served a period of time in the US Peace Corps. Service length is variable (commonly 2 years) therefore completion is '''not a requirement''' for inclusion in Peace Corps Wiki volunteer database.
<small> Ready? Go ahead and begin or read instructions below</small>
{{#forminput:Volunteer|50||Go to Volunteer form|}}
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'''How you title your page is VERY important!''' <br />
The title of your page will become the name/URL of the page. '''Correctly titling''' the page will save work later having to rename/move and relink to the page.
Please follow this example and guidelines:
'''Joseph Smith'''
* Start with '''first''' then SPACE then '''last''' name
* You may also add your "middle name" between your first and last names
* Please make sure the Caps Lock is off when filling the form
* The title of your volunteer article will NOT be used to sort the article in the database, the information on the form you will be sent to will sort your article.
: [[File:volunteerpageexample.jpg|thumb|Example Volunteer Article]]
'''Special Considerations'''
* If the '''Volunteer''' was known by a nick name place in parentheses in between first and last name. ex: '''"Joseph (Joey) Smith"'''
* Use middle name only to differentiate from another '''Volunteer''' with the same name or if that was the name commonly used.
* If two '''Volunteers''' served as together as a couple please create individual pages on each '''Volunteer'''.
* All articles tagged with: <nowiki>[[Category:Volunteers]]</nowiki> will display the Volunteer Form Tab.
* All articles use the template [[:Template:volunteerinfobox]]
*The form fills the template according to the following fields:
**|map= ("yes" to display; "no" leave field blank)

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Country Served in::India
Started Service:|}} Started service in::|}}
Group Code|}} ,|x|Group code was::x}}
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Cause of death:|}} Cause of death::|}}
Age:|}} [[Age at death::{{{ageatdeath}}}]]|}}
Volunteer's Homestate|}} [[Is from state::{{{state}}}]]|}}
{{#if:India|Passed away while serving in: India|}}
{{#ask:Served in::India|format=list|limit=15}}
{{#if:1967|Passed away in: 1967|}}
{{#if:1967|{{#ask:Date of death::1967|format=list|limit=15}}|}}
{{#if:|From US State: [[{{{state}}}]]|}}
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Other Volunteers who passed away while serving in Peace Corps.
{{#ask:Date of death::+|format=list|limit=15}}
Source: FOIA request #10076 (June 2010)

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