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Through strong relationships forged with students, parents, and other community members, Peace Corps Volunteers engage in a wide variety of locally sustainable projects. Volunteers act as catalysts for change by working within their communities on projects that spread across all Peace Corps work areas

Programs and Sample Projects[edit]

  • Help young people form youth groups, clubs, sports teams, or extracurricular activities that build teamwork, confidence, and positive relationships with peers, parents, and adults
  • Through interactive training methods, develop critical life skills in boys and girls, such as decision-making, goal setting, communication, leadership, and self-esteem
  • Design programs and training that help young people make the transition from school to productive, dignified work or careers through vocational or technology training, entrepreneurial education, or develop mentoring and apprenticeship opportunities
  • Act as a health promoter while training young people to serve as peer educators, enabling them to provide HIV/AIDS education and awareness to other youth and adults in their communities
  • Mobilize young people to work on community improvement projects while they build critical civic engagement, life, and leadership skills
  • Train youth development workers to design and facilitate high quality youth programs
  • Engage parents, community leaders, and organizations to support youth programs


Requirements vary by position, but generally applicants must have one of the following:

  • bachelor's degree in any discipline; or
  • an associate's degree and one year of full-time work experience; or
  • no college degree and five years of full-time work experience.


In addition to education requirements, competitive applicants will have relevant work experience. Some positions require applicants have at least six months of full-time work experience with at-risk youth in areas such as designing, planning, implementing, and evaluating programs; coordinating volunteers; writing grants; teaching; and counseling. Previous work experience in an urban environment is not required, but is highly desirable.

Alternatively, applicants may have experience in physical education coupled with three months of experience working with at-risk youth.

Other relevant experience includes a sincere desire to work with youth; conflict resolution or mediation skills; HIV/AIDS counseling or awareness training; and experience in fundraising, coaching, working with physically or mentally disabled youth, in arts and music, and with AmeriCorps or the YMCA.

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