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Will Dickinson


Armenia (2004-2006)




Environmental Education

Description of Peace Corps Volunteer Service

Peace Corps,Armenia, 6/12/06

After a competitive application process stressing applicant skills, adaptability and cross-cultural understanding, Mr. Dickinson was invited into Peace Corps service. He was assigned as an Environmental Education Volunteer assigned to the Armenian Red Cross in Jermuk, Armenia.

Mr. Dickinson entered training on June 6th of 2004, participating in an intensive 12 week training program in Dilijan, Armenia. Language training included the acquisition of both written and spoken Armenian. Area Studies training included the history, economics and cultural norms of Armenia. In addition, as part of the language and cross-cultural component of the training program, Mr. Dickinson lived with an Armenian host family. Technical training included the history of the Environmental policy situation in Armenia during the Soviet period and Post-Soviet period: Including, current trends in the Environmental protection and education in Armenia, with specific emphasis on village schools and NGOs.

Mr. Dickinson arrived in Jermuk, Armenia, a former Soviet industrial town with approximately 6,000 people, in August 24 2004 as a Peace Corps EE Volunteer. He worked with his NGO on Environmental Education through the schools.

Mr. Dickinson assisted in many aspects of the NGO’s operations and served as an educational advisor for teachers and volunteers at the Red Cross. He was also actively involved in dealings with many outside agencies on behalf of his NGO including, but not limited the Urban Institute, Project Harmony, and youth development at the sports school.

Mr. Dickinson also worked in Ijevan Armenia during his second year as a technical advisor to World Vision. He organized several seminars and trainings on Global Positioning Systems for use by local engineers for micro infrastructure projects and land use planning.

Mr. Dickinson assisted with Environmental camps for children during the summers of 2005 and 2006.

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