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The proposed project, “Community Capacity Building Health Seminars for Youth and Women”, has at its root the goal to educate in interactive, dynamic ways members of the population that will then dispense the knowledge they have received to their respective communities and comrades.
For the youth the target is to discuss such topics as; leadership, sexual health and reproduction, life skills and choices, gender and equality in society, and HIV/AIDS. Specific Youth will be trained extensively before the seminar to act as leaders and organizers for the implementation of the seminar. It is they who will undergo many of the activities; and thus increase their leadership capacity while educating their peers.
For the Women’s Seminar, maternal and child health is the theme. Dynamic Women from 6 villages will be selected to attend a 2 day seminar where they will be trained in engaging manners on how to train their friends and families in their respective villages. Each village will also receive a supply of medical materials; that will aid nurses to do “en brousse” pre-natal health care visits—a novel idea in this zone and a idea that will hopefully augment maternal and pre-natal healthcare in the zone. The nurses will use the women trained at the seminar as aides to mobilize the women when they come to their villages to do the consultations.

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