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|firstname= Harlan
|lastname= Green
|country= Turkey
|yearservicestarted= 1964
|yearserviceended= 1966
|site= Ismet Pasha Koyu
|group= {{{group}}
|program= Other
|assignment01= Youth and Community Development
|assignment03=Rural Community Development
|editorname= Harlan Green
== Description of Service ==
Myself and female volunteer (Shelley) were placed in small western Turkish village of Ismet Pasha (800 pop.), in Eskisehir province 1964-66, in order to help it recover from stagnating economy.  It was dry-farming region so that winter wheat, oats, barley were staple crops, along with grazing livestock. surrounding villages were beginning to irrigate and grow sugar beets, so it was logical that irrigation water could be found, since this was at headwaters of major Turkish river (Sakarya).  My major projects were building first wash machine for women in adult-ed sheet metal course, raising chickens (broilers) for market, and organizing villagers to find and develop first irrigation water.
== Lessons Learned ==
Peace Corps volunteers were in turkey from 1961-1971, until anti-Vietnam war sentiment forced us out.  PC's demise in turkey was also result of putting too many ill-prepared volunteers in the field at once, which alarmed very nationalistic Turkish public.  There are still strong bonds between returned PC volunteers and Turkish counterparts.  Many RPCVs return to turkey to revisit old sites, and several have become notable scholars--such as professor Heath Lowry at Princeton.  I myself have led tour of 30 Santa Barbara, Californians on 12-day tour of turkey and revisited my village twice.
== About Harlan Green Today ==
I helped to found and was first president of Santa Barbara, California chapter of RPCVs--NPCA affiliation. Turkish service has helped me to better understand Islamic issues--particularly the many different sects within Islam, from fundamentalist countries (e.g., Saudi Arabia) to extremely tolerant (e.g. Turkey) and inclusive of other religions!
== External Links ==
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== References ==
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