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We're Ghana Play Basketball

Purpose and Approach

Ghanaians love sports, but in Ghana, football (soccer) is the established addiction of choice. Therefore, in most communities, there are no alternatives for those who do not excel at football. This court would provide a credible alternative for those left out, especially for girls who are still ostracized when it comes to playing football. Furthermore, after the authoring PCV noticed the popularity of basketball in the Peace Corps training community of Kukurantumi, he realized an opportunity to introduce a familiar, yet unpracticed, sport in his community. Basketball is a sport, like football, that could be used to teach teamwork, leadership, hard work and fair play. Equally important, because of Ghanaians passion for sports, PCVs could utilize the opportunity to inform not only participants, but also spectators, of sporting events about HIV/AIDS and other STIs. Moreover, the basketball will be constructed on the campus of a local senior secondary school to maximize its usage and encourage its maintenance.


The project is to build a full basketball court on the campus of a secondary school with a student-body size of 660 in a community of around 12,000.

Action Plan

1. Meeting with school and community

2. Preparation of construction site

3. Purchase materials

4. Construction of court (2 weeks)

5. Painting

6. Opening ceremonies


Currency Exchange Rate: GHC 1.39 = 1.00 US Dollar

Community Contribution
Material Quantity Unit Cost (Cedi) Total Cost (Cedi) Total Cost (USD)
Land 1 2,000.00 2,000.00 1,438.85
Labor (clearing and prepping land) 40 10.00 400.00 287.77
Labor (painting) 25 10.00 250.00 179.86
Total 2,650.00 1,906.47

Partnership Contribution
Material Unit Quantity Unit Cost (Cedi) Total Cost (Cedi) Total Cost (USD)
Cement Bags 150 12.00 1,800.00 1,294.96
Stone Trips 8 220.00 1,760.00 1,266.19
Sand Trips 10 100.00 1,000.00 719.42
Galvanize post 4" Poles 3 60.00 180.00 129.50
Red Wood Board (for backboards) Boards 4 16.00 64.00 46.04
Iron Rod 5/8 Rods 3 20.00 60.00 43.17
Oil Paint Buckets 10 20.00 200.00 143.88
Nails (assorted) Pounds 10 13.00 130.00 93.53
Wawa Board Pieces 10 10.00 100.00 71.94
Nets Nets 2 5.00 10.00 7.19
Mason Labor 1 600.00 600.00 431.65
Carpenter Labor 1 200.00 200.00 143.88
Welder labor 1 200.00 200.00 143.88
Water Truck 1 100.00 100.00 71.94
Basketballs Balls 7 20.00 140.00 100.72
Paint Supplies Brushes 10 2.00 20.00 14.39
Total 6,5640.00 4,722.30

Total Project Cost
 % Contribution Total Cost (Cedi) Total Cost (USD)
Partnership Contribution 71 6,564.00 4,722.30
Community Contribution 29 2,650.00 1,906.47
Total Project Cost 9,214.00 6,628.77

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Project Reflection and Sustainability

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