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This page is a listing of all the volunteers who have served in Uzbekistan. If you served in Uzbekistan, please create a page on yourself. Thanks!

Volunteers in the following chart have information in the PCwiki:

Started service in Name of community was
Josh Machleder 2450814.51998 Ferghana City
Sam Koy, UZ, Asaka, Andijan 2451179.51999
Debra Cesario 2451544.52000 Navoi
John Mark King 2451910.52001 Khiva
Jennifer King 2451910.52001 Khiva


1994 (UZ 2)

Melissa Brill, UZ 2, Tashkent, Business;
Sophie Forbes, UZ 2, Kokand, Elementary TEFL;
Terry Douglas, UZ 2, Tashkent, Business;
Mark Reese, UZ 2, Kokand, Elementary TEFL;
Janet Tashner, UZ 2, Nukus, Elementary TEFL;
Amy Breedlove, UZ 2, Karshi, Elementary TEFL;
Steve Downing, UZ 2, Bukhara, University TEFL;
Meg Pine, UZ 2, Bukhara, Business;
Irving Jones, UZ 2, Karshi, University TEFL;
Phillip Desautels, UZ 2, Samarkand;
Michelle Desautels, UZ 2, Samarkand;
Lisa _________, UZ 2, Samarkand, Business;
Dan Dougherty, UZ 2, Tashkent, Business;
Mike ____________, UZ 2, Nukus, Business;
Joe Dalsin, UZ 2, Urgench , Elementary TEFL;
Ben Calvert, UZ 2,Khiva, Elementary TEFL;
James McCachren, UZ 2, Bukhara, Elementary TEFL;
Erica Sapper, UZ 2, _____________, Elementary TEFL

1998 (UZ 6)

Shahram Vakilian, UZ 6, Bukhara, Business;

1999 (UZ 8)

Dominic Stucker, UZ 8 (August 1999 - September 2001), Yakkabog, TEFL

1999 (UZ 9)

2000 (UZ 10)

Debra Cesario, UZ 10 (August 2000-September 2001) Navoi, University TEFL

2001 (UZ 11)

Jennifer King, UZ 11 (January 2001-October 2001) Khiva, Health Extension

John Mark King, UZ 11 (January 2001-October 2001) Khiva, Primary/Secondary TEFL

2003 (UZ 16)

Julia Strange, UZ 16 (August 2003-May 2005) Asaka, Secondary TEFL

Taya Owens, UZ 16 (August 2003-May 2005)

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