Notable former Peace Corps Volunteers in Government

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Notable former Peace Corps Volunteers in Government.

Harry Birnholz, mission director, USAID/Albania (Benin 1974-77)

Patricia Buckles, USAID/Peru director, Peace Corps (Guatemala 1973-77)

Donald B. Clark, USAID mission director, Senegal (Burkina Faso 1969-71)

Christopher Dodd, U.S. Senator, Connecticut (Dominican Republic 1966-68) Dodd is a U.S. Senator from Connecticut. There are six returned Volunteers in the U.S. Congress — one in the Senate, and five in the House of Representatives.

Jim Doyle, Governor of Wisconsin and wife Jessica Doyle (Tunisia 1967-69) Doyle is the governor of Wisconsin and is one of two returned Volunteers currently serving as a state governor.

Sam Farr, U.S. Representative from California (Colombia 1964-66)

John Garamendi, State of California Insurance Commissioner (Ethiopia 1966-68)

Gene George, USAID mission director, Bangladesh (Nepal 1972-73)

Richard Goughnour, USAID/Brazil Director (Brazil 1974-76)

Mike Honda, U.S. Representative from California (El Salvador 1965-67)

Elisa Long, public defender in Mariana Islands (Marshall Islands 1987-89)

Joseph W. Lown, mayor of San Angelo, Texas (Bolivia 1999-2001)

Dan McAllister, treasurer tax collector of San Diego, CA (Micronesia 1974-77)

Thomas Murphy, Jr., mayor of the City of Pittsburgh, PA (Paraguay 1970-72)

Matthew Patrick, Massachusetts State Representative (Ghana 1977-79)

Sarah Parker, associate justice, North Carolina Supreme Court (Turkey 1964-66)

Terry Peterson, deputy secretary of U.S. Department of Education (Brazil 1967-69)

Thomas Petri, U.S. Representative from Wisconsin (Somalia 1966-67)

Ken Roberts, Assistant Administrator, Foreign Agriculture Service, USDA (Paraguay 1977-79)

Denny Robertson, USAID Director for the Caucasus Region (Philippines 1977-79)

Tod Satterthwaite, mayor of Urbana, Illinois (Grenada 1990-92)

Donna Shalala, former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services (Iran 1962-64)

Christopher Shays, U.S. Representative from Connecticut (Fiji 1968-70)

Robert Taft, governor of Ohio (Tanzania 1963-65) Taft is the governor of Ohio and is one of two RPCVs currently serving as a state governor.

James Walsh, U.S. Representative from New York (Nepal 1970-72)

Cathy Woolard, Atlanta City Council (Micronesia 1980-81)

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