Applied Agriculture

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Volunteers encourage sustainable crop production through promotion of organic-farming techniques and better farm management. Activities include conducting workshops on integrated pest management; introducing composting, green manures, and other soil improvement techniques; testing new varieties of seeds and demonstrating post-harvest management methods; and teaching agriculture and extension methodologies in formal training institutions.

If you can offer a more detailed description than this standard description the Peace Corps offers, please feel free to include that so others can get a better idea of what certain work areas consist of.


Applicants can qualify with a bachelor's degree in agricultural sciences such as agronomy, plant science, horticulture, soil science, entomology, botany, or plant pathology; or no college degree and three years of full-time farm experience.


Most applicants have a solid background in agricultural production on family or commercial farms. They have grown fruits and vegetables and understand concepts such as soil fertility and integrated pest management.

Other relevant experience includes interest in, and knowledge of, organic farming; mechanical skills from using farm machinery; some experience with livestock; and knowledge of food storage and preservation.

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