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|program=Community Development
|site=Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas
|region=Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas
|groupcode=Omnibus 39
|assignment01=Fisheries Fresh
|references=[http://peacecorpsonline.org/messages/messages/467/2029716.html PCOL RPCV Directory Entry]
Bruce "Pacho" Lane
P.O. Box 92353
Rochester, NY 14692
(585) 442-5274
Academic Training: 
  B.A., 1963, Political Science; The University Of Texas
  M.A., 1966, Economics; The University Of Michigan
  Doctoral Studies (ABD) in Visual Anthropology, 1978-80, U. of Texas
Non-degree study:
Universitaet Heidelberg, 1959-60, Russian & German
Rutgers University, 1961, ESL, Community Organizing 
Universite de Strasbourg, 1966, French
Universidade de Lisboa, 1966-67, Portuguese
Academic Honors:              Languages:
Woodrow Wilson Fellow              Spanish, English
University Fellow                Portuguese, German
NDEA Title IV Fellow              French, Russian
Titular B, Departamento de Artes Visuales, Facultad de Arte, Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Morelos, Cuernavaca, Mexico - Chair a film school and make films (1998 -2005)
Asst. Professor, Rochester Institute Of Technology: Teach Film & Video Production, Film History, Visual Anthropology, and Film Theory in the BFA & MFA programs in Film & Video of the School Of Photographic Arts & Sciences. (1991-1998)
Asst. Professor, The University of Texas at Arlington: Documentary video production course sequence combining theory, criticism, and technique to produce broadcast-quality student programs. (1989-91)
Lecturer, The University of New Mexico: Courses in Cinematography, Film & Video Editing,  History of Documentary Film, Soviet Film History, and Visual Anthropology. (1987-89)
Artist-In-Residence, New Mexico Arts Division: Train primary, secondary & college students, teachers, and others in video production, including a six-month residency at the Southwest Indian Politechnic Institute. (1985-7)
Mexico: Owner, Earthworm Imports, a wholesale & retail ethnic clothing company: Design & style clothing, organize production, set up production co-ops, direct 3 full-time and 50 contract employees, ship & clear entries as bonded broker, run wholesale & retail operations, manage accounts.  (1970 -1976)
Management Trainer, Volt Technical Corp.: Direct training in management and community organizing, and develop curriculum, for Southwest Region OEO Community Action Program agencies. (1969-70)
Instructor, The University Of Texas at Austin: prepare multi-media presentations and teach two sections of English Composition & Rhetoric, a 6 hr/sem Freshman Honors course. (1968-69) 
Language Lab  Instructor, Univ. Of Texas: direct language lab, and assist students with language acquisition in English (ESL), German, Spanish, Russian, French, and Portuguese. (1959-61, 1967-68)
Touring Lecturer, USIA/Japan: Talk with Japanese students about American student politics and the war in Viet Nam. (1966)
Special Researcher, USAID/Viet Nam: prepare classified report on the aspirations of the Cambodian ethnic minority in South Viet Nam, & teach ESL in Vinh Binh province. (1965)     
Peace Corps Volunteer, Colombia I (the first Peace Corps group): rural community organizing. Organize special flood disaster relief program in the Colombian Amazon, including a self-help housing development, a water & sewage system, and 3 schools. Teach ESL to high school students. (1961-63)
International Living & Travel:
Mexico (14 yrs); Germany (2 yrs); Colombia (2 yrs); Greece (9 mo.); Portugal (9 mo.); Viet Nam (4 mo.); Japan (4 mo.); France (6 mo.); Finland (6 mo.); Austria, Italy, Spain, Hungary, USSR, Bulgaria, Morocco, Turkey, Afghanistan, Cuba, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Taiwan
Film Awards:
Film Festivals: London (3x); Mexico City; Nyon; Edinburgh; Mannheim; Melbourne; Wellington; Cinema du Reel/Paris; Filmex/LA; Margaret Mead/NYC; Edison/NJ; Ann Arbor.; Athens, O.; BACA; Houston; Hemisfilm; Chicano Film Festival; Slice Of Life; etc.
Best Documentary, Latino Film Festival
Blue Ribbon & Red Ribbon (2x), American Film Festival
First Prize, International Festival Of Culture & Psychiatry
First Prize, Festival de Cine de Pueblos Indigenas
Best Indigenous Film, Festival Contra El Silencio
Special Merit Award, Latin American Studies Film Festival 
Judges' Award (2x), Sinking Creek Film Festival
CINE Golden Eagle (3x), etc. 
Afghanistan & The USSR: "Inside Afghanistan" (56') & "The Black Tulip" (26') Producer/Director/Camera - Filmed during nine weeks in Kabul, Herat, under siege in Kandahar, and in Tashkent & Moscow; the first full Western look at the civil war in Afghanistan (1987-88). TV Release: PBS, UK, Japan, Australia, NZ, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, & Sweden.       
Mexico: "The Tree Of Life" (29' -1999) - The Voladores Ritual of the Totonacs; "The Tree Of Knowledge” (26' - 1981), Two ways of learning in a Totonac Indian village; &  "The Eagle's Children" (39' -1999), the Danza Azteca tradition in Mexico and the US; “Democracia Indigena” (36' - 2000), municipal elections and political change in a Totonac community; “Viva Mi Tierra Caliente” (55' - 2004), Juan Reynoso  & the “calentano” music tradition; “A  Journey to the Butterflies” (26' -2002),  the Monarch butterfly sanctuary; “A Defender of His People” (57' -2005), the story of the god/hero  Tepoztecatl. “The Language of the Seeds” (20' - 2005) - the amazing seed portals of Tepoztlan. TV releases: PBS, Sweden, Japan (3x), Germany, & Mexico.
United States:  "Along the Erie Canal" (39' - 2002), a visit to the “artificial river”; "Battle Of The Guitars" (17' - 1989), remembering T-Bone Walker; "Black On White" (26' - 1990), the piano blues of Alex Moore; "Deep Ellum" (13' - 1990), Blues on Dallas’ Elm St.; "Stoney Knows How", (29' - 1981), tattooing as folk art; "Texas Style" (26" - 1986), the story of Texas fiddling :  TV releases: PBS, Discovery (2x), UK, Campus Network, Armed Forces Network, etc.
Mexico & the United States: “Chulas Fronteras” (56'), & “Del Mero Corazon”: Camera & Interpreter. Two films on Texas-Mexican music (1975 & 76)
Cuba: "Routes Of Rhythm" (170'): Camera & Interpreter. Afro-Cuban music, including Irakere, Los Van Van, and Ruben Blades. (1990)
Peru: "Burden Of Dreams" (90'): Camera & Interpreter. Les Blank's documentary feature on the making of German director Werner Herzog's  "Fitzcarraldo". (1981)           
Museum Screenings:
Museum of Modern Art; American Museum Of Natural History; Museo Nacional de Antropologia; Smithsonian; Musee de  l'Homme; Corcoran Gallery; Walker Art Center; Cineteca Nacional de Mexico, San Antonio Art Museum;  Museum of New Mexico; Maxwell Museum, Dallas Art Museum; Center For Research in Contemporary Art; Center for Contemporary Arts, Museo Palacio de Cortes.

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