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Rachel Kay Weiner
Flag of Morocco.svg
Country Morocco
Years: 2008-2010
Site(s) Tinzouline
Region(s) Zagora Province
Program(s) Youth,Youth
Assignment(s) Youth,Other
From US state Delaware
From US town/city Wilmington
Rachel Weiner started in Morocco 2008
So-Youn Kim, Rachel Weiner
Region: Zagora Province
Youth in Morocco:
Gerry (G) Kaufman, Rachel Weiner
Youth in Morocco:
Gerry (G) Kaufman, Rachel Weiner
Other Volunteers who served in Morocco
Flag of Morocco.svg
Jesse Bailey, Maggie Barnes, Barbara Ferris, Maureen Hagen, Orin (Buz) Hargraves, Bernadine L. Hoff, Gerry (G) Kaufman, Dave Keiser, So-Youn Kim, Bonnie Kirk, Charlie (Hassan) Kolb, Raymond Kruger, Nam LaMore, Suzanne Lane Belahmira, Anjali Mahoney … further results
Projects in Morocco
Flag of Morocco.svg
GGLOW Camp for Youth, Safety in the Workplace, Well Refurbishment, Women's Community Center, Women's Computer Literacy Classes
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Volunteers in the following chart have information in the PCwiki:

Started service in Ended service in Name of community was Name of region was Served in sector Primary assignment was
Bonnie Kirk 2439126.51966 2439856.51968 Meknès Education English Teacher/Training (TEFL)
William Zeiger 2439126.51966 2439856.51968 Education English Teacher/Training (TEFL)
Thomas R. Wheaton 2439126.51966 2440222.51969 Rabat and Beni Mellal Education English Teacher/Training (TEFL)
Polly Zimmerman 2442778.51976
Debra Snell 2443509.51978 2444239.51980 Azrou
Debra Snell
Maureen Hagen 2443509.51978 2444239.51980 Oujda and Azrou Education
Orin (Buz) Hargraves 2444239.51980 2444970.51982 El Hajeb Education
Barbara Ferris 2444239.51980 Education
Raymond Kruger 2445700.51984
Beth Pellowitz 2447161.51988 2447892.51990 Essaouira Education
Suzanne Lane Belahmira 2448988.51993 2449718.51995 Casablanca Education
Bernadine L. Hoff 2450449.51997 2451179.51999 Agadir Education
Dave Keiser 2450814.51998 2451544.52000 Safi Agriculture
Anjali Mahoney 2451179.51999 2451910.52001 Tabatkokte Health
Dena Paris 2451179.51999 2451910.52001 Australia Business Small Business Development
Gerry (G) Kaufman 2452640.52003 2453371.52005 Bhalil Sefrou Youth
English Teacher/Training (TEFL)
Andrew Meyerson 2453371.52005 2454101.52007 Jemaa Shaim Safi
Nam LaMore 2453371.52005 2454101.52007 Khemisset Khemisset Province Business
Jesse Bailey 2454101.52007 2454832.52009 Azilal Health Public Health Education
So-Youn Kim 2454466.52008 Tamegroute Zagora province Youth
Rachel Weiner 2454466.52008 2455197.52010 Tinzouline Zagora Youth
Donniell Silva 2454832.52009 2455562.52011 Dar Chebab Education
Maggie Barnes 2455197.52010 2455927.52012 Eastern High Atlas Environment Dry Land Natural Resource Conservation
Environmental Education
Charlie (Hassan) Kolb 2455197.52010 2455927.52012 Eastern High Atlas Environment National Park Management
Environmental Education

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