Volunteers who served in Mauritania

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Volunteers who served in Mauritania 2003-2005

Following are the members of the training class that arrived in June 2003. Parentheses after the names indicate ending year of service. Under your name, please give us all an update as to your activities.

Jaime Koll (2005)

Alice Paal (2005)

Andrew Furlong (2005)

Angus Kelly (2005)

Annika Dubrall (2005)

Audrey Bottjen (2005)

Ayrin Zahner (2005)

Becky McKnight (2005)

Carl Strolle (2005)

Catherine Horn (2005)

Dan Buonadonna (2005)

Dan Sutton (2005)

Dana Weymouth (2005)

Erin Ellingson (2005)

Erin Pettigrew (2005)

Genevieve Kirk (2005)

Heather Smith (2005, Ghana 2006)

Hector Hernandez (2005)

Janine Kossin (2005)

Jay Davidson (2005)

Since returning from the Peace Corps, I have been living in San Francisco, but I am home only about half the time. The rest of the time I am traveling, both domestically and internationally. Two of my overseas adventures have involved volunteering with American Jewish World Service, where I served short-term assignments in India (2006) and Ghana (2007).

I am always happy to host fellow RPCVs, so let me know if you will be in San Francisco when I am home. If so, Bismillah to all.

Jen Justus (2006)

Jessica Dunsmore (2006)

Jill Sutton (2005)

Julia Kennedy (2005)

Kari Brashers (2005)

Karl Adam (2005)

Katie Schroepher (2005)

Lisa Jackson (2005)

Lisa Michael (2007)

Maggie Donovan (2005)

Marc Valentin (2005)

Margaret Ambosino (2005)

Mark Hitchcock (2005)

Mark Lange (2006)

Matt Mills (2005)

Melanie Thurber (2005)

Miriam Edwards (2006)

Mitch Brashers (2005)

Molly McCollom (2006)

Natalie Ceperley (2005)

Natalie Eft (2005)

Nathan Gretzinger (2005)

Scott Eidson (2006)

Stephanie Rosch (2005)

Virginia March (2005)

Will Holcomb (2005)

Volunteers in the following chart have information in the PCwiki: {{#ask:Served in::Mauritania | ?Started service in | ?Ended service in | ?Name of community was | ?Name of region was | ?Served in sector | ?Primary assignment was | sort = Started service in | order = ascending | limit = 100 }}