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The Alumni Associations of country of service are called "Friends"
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A community located in the Northeast region of the Dominican Republican includes approximately 150 families. Most families are active within existing community groups and participate in projects involving the community. This year, with materials supplied by the local government and a community contribution of all labor, the community completed an aqueduct serving all households with water.
Due to the poverty in this community, improvement in health and sanitation is of prime importance. Latrines are a basic necessity to prevent contamination which results in diarrhea and parasites. There are many families in the community without latrines at all and a small group that has latrines that are in very poor condition. Without this project, hygiene in the community will not improve and many families will continue to get sick and perhaps die of diarrhea or stomach-related illnesses.
The village women’s group is active and dedicated to improving the lives of the members of the community, and several women’s group members will be in charge of this project. Volunteers will facilitate the training of health and hygiene education for women and families in the community, and train a team of community members in the construction of the latrines. The women’s group, along with community leaders will be involved in supervising and maintaining the latrines upon completion of the project.
Note: This summary was provided by a Peace Corps Volunteer and the community administering this project.

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The Alumni Associations of country of service are called "Friends"