Volunteers who served in Colombia

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Volunteers in the following chart have information in the PCwiki: {{#ask:Served in::Colombia | ?Started service in | ?Ended service in | ?Name of community was | ?Name of region was | ?Served in sector | ?Primary assignment was | sort = Started service in | order = ascending | limit = 100 }}


Dennis Grubb
Stephen Michael Murray
Jack Elzinga
Bruce "Pacho" Lane
James Puccetti


Sam Farr Maureen Orth [(Howard Ellegant)]

Dates Unknown

J. Michael Scott


Helene Ballmann Dudley
Keith W. Bell
Stan Boynton
Susie Corcoran Hayes
Tony Eads
Janet Edwards Schneider
Michael Fitch
Paul Finlay
James Gambone
Robert Jordan
Mary Ellen Nye Eads
Jim Sherman


Wayne Miller