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|project=Restoration of School Furniture and Equipment
The objective of this project is simple: to repair classroom furniture in order to improve the overall learning environment for teachers and students. This is an immediate need. The school has insufficient classroom furniture. In many classrooms there are two students to a single chair and often three students to every desk or table. In addition, classrooms are riddled with dilapidated chairs, desks and tables. Almost daily, students are falling through chairs because many chairs are missing backs and have collapsing seats. These insufficiencies create difficulties during tests and daily classroom activities. It also contributes to unnecessary arguments of over chairs and seating arrangements that ultimately disrupt the learning environment. It is difficult to teach and learn in this environment.
Little by little the community and school have been repairing and replacing chairs, desks and tables; however this is not happening quickly enough due to inadequate funds. The school and community will provide the labor needed to complete this project if additional funds can be acquired to purchase nails, wood, paint, and other materials needed to make adequate repairs.

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