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[[Christopher R. Hill]]
|uscity=St Louis,
|assignment01=Small Business Development
{{who served in|Cameroon}}

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Wendy Lee
Flag of Cameroon.svg
Country Cameroon
Years: 2008-2010
Site(s) Batié
Region(s) West
Program(s) Business
Assignment(s) Small Business Development
From US state Missouri
From US town/city St Louis
Wendy Lee started in Cameroon 2008
Cameroon volunteers, Volunteers who served in Cameroon
Region: West
Cameroon volunteers, Volunteers who served in Cameroon
Business in Cameroon:Business.gif
Stacy Charles, Christopher R. Hill, Cameroon volunteers, Volunteers who served in Cameroon
Other Volunteers who served in Cameroon
Flag of Cameroon.svg
Steven Barbeaux, Jill Boberg, Stacy Charles, Gregory Paul Clements, Judith Corley, Jolie Dennis, Michael Downey, John Granville, Susana Herrera, Christopher R. Hill, Nicholas A. Lauen, Volunteers who served in Cameroon, Cameroon volunteers, Robert Joel Lewis, Bradford Melius … further results
Projects in Cameroon
Flag of Cameroon.svg
Agroforestry Site for Nursery and Demonstration, Books For Cameroon, Camp MDARLE 2009, Chicken Farming, Community Beekeeping and Business Training, Community Granary, East Province Water Pump, Health Seminars for Youth and Women, Mbandjock Palm Oil Tree Nursery and Plantation, Potable Water, Reading Rainforest, School Construction (Cameroon), Soy Conference, Wum High School Science Laboratory
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Volunteers in the following chart have information in the PCwiki:

Started service in Ended service in Name of community was Name of region was Served in sector Primary assignment was
Christopher R. Hill 2442048.51974 2442778.51976 Business
Erik Schiff 2444970.51982 2446066.51985 Kumbo/Banso Northwest Province Agriculture Fisheries Fresh
Herb Whinna 2445335.51983 2446066.51985 Nguti Education
Jill Boberg 2445335.51983 2446066.51985 Eyumojock Education
Gerald Todd 2448257.51991 2449353.51994 Eastern Province Other Fisheries Fresh
Susana Herrera 2448622.51992 2449353.51994 Guidiguis Education
Steven Barbeaux 2448988.51993 2449718.51995 Tikondi I Agriculture
Jolie Dennis 2449353.51994 2450814.51998 Meyomessi and Sangmelima South Province Health Public Health Education
Stacy Charles 2451544.52000 2452275.52002 Extreme North Business
Nicholas A. Lauen 2452275.52002 2453005.52004 Mbengwi
Momo Division
North-West Province
Robert Joel Lewis 2453371.52005 2453371.52005 Ngaoundere Adamaoua province Education
Michael Downey 2454101.52007 Bambili Northwest Education
Bradford Melius 2454101.52007 2454832.52009 Fontem Southwest Education
Cameroon volunteers 2454466.52008 2455197.52010 Batié West Business Small Business Development
Volunteers who served in Cameroon 2454466.52008 2455197.52010 Batié West Business Small Business Development
Gregory Paul Clements 2454832.52009 2455562.52011 Edea Littoral Education
Information Technology

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