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In Niger, a family’s livestock acts as an insurance policy against poor crop yields, medical emergencies, and other financial crises. Often, being able to sell a goat or sheep is the only cushion shielding these subsistence farmers from hunger, illness, or worse. In a Nigerian village, a highly motivated 23-member women’s group is ready to establish a goat breeding program that will increase livestock levels throughout the village and ensure that dozens of families receive a baby goat that will insure them against these financial emergencies.
This sustainable project is designed and managed by the long-established local women’s group. Each group member will start with one female goat. They will pass the first two of the goat’s offspring on to two other needy families in the community. These recipient families will in turn pass on the first two offspring of their goat and the project will spread exponentially throughout the village.
The women in the group have set aside money to buy five of the 23 needed goats. With your financial assistance to purchase the remaining goats, they will be able to boost community livestock levels, offering security against hunger, disease and other financial emergencies.

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