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[[Carolyn Lee Peacock]]<br>
[[Carolyn Lee Peacock]]<br>
[[Doug Burns]]<br>
[[Doug Burns]]<br>
[[Sigrid Aarons]]<br>
[[Marion Bravo]]<br>
[[Jane Ferguson]]<br>
[[Ray Geiger]]<br>
[[Elizabeth Goodwin]]<br>
[[Margo Kelly]]<br>
[[Margo Kelly]]<br>
[[Steev Lynn]]<br>
[[Steev Lynn]]<br>
[[Bruce Mast]]<br>
[[Ann Mullen]]<br>
[[Ann Mullen]]<br>
[[Joe Register]]<br>
[[Joe Register]]<br>
[[Jeanne Simon]]<br>
[[Shelley Snyder]]<br>
[[David Sosa]]<br>
[[David Sosa]]<br>
[[Robbie & Grady Spiegel]]<br>
[[Wendy Youmans]]<br>
[[Wendy Youmans]]<br>

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Volunteers in the following chart have information in the PCwiki:

Started service in Ended service in Name of community was Name of region was Served in sector Primary assignment was
Christine Claypoole 2448257.51991 2448988.51993 Borgou
Stacia Bippus 2449718.51995 2450449.51997 Pobe Plateau Health
Nicole Marie Gaston 2452640.52003 2453371.52005 Athiémé Mono Health
Catherine Puzey 2454101.52007 Badjoude English Teacher/Training (TEFL)
Weihow Hsue 2454466.52008 2455197.52010 Alfakoara Alibori Environment


[edit] 1967

Jim Bingen

[edit] 1971

Joseph McMaster
Rebecca Ann Bray
Marybeth Marok (Wagner)

[edit] 1972

Lucas D. Parsch
Mark D. Wagner

[edit] 1974

Richard Earl Saxton

[edit] 1975

Betsy (Elizabeth) Hyde (Samuels)
Elizabeth Samuels
Larraine Mort Denakpo

[edit] 1978

Kea Herron

[edit] 1980

Mary Lou Weathers
patrice zmitrovis

[edit] 1981

William Nall

[edit] 1983

Andrew J. Gallagher
Carol Stumpp Sneyd
Dan Carney
jude bursten
L. Patricia Ice
Tim Bard

[edit] 1984

Janelle Dubos Litton

[edit] 1985

Rodrigue Charles
Mike Simsik

[edit] 1986

Kristin Saarlas

[edit] 1987

Carolyn Lee Peacock
Doug Burns

[edit] 1988-90

Sigrid Aarons
Marion Bravo
Jane Ferguson
Ray Geiger
Elizabeth Goodwin
Margo Kelly
Steev Lynn
Bruce Mast
Ann Mullen
Joe Register
Jeanne Simon
Shelley Snyder
David Sosa
Robbie & Grady Spiegel
Wendy Youmans

[edit] 1989

john camara
Jessica E.A. Duke

[edit] 1990

Mary C. Bodvarsson

[edit] 1991

Arthur W. Brown
Caroline Slade Hicks
mark kohlman

[edit] 1992

Andrew Fitanides
Kevin Lee Croft
Lisa K. Beckman
Tom Nally

[edit] 1993

Andy Caranicas
David Wakefield
Jillann W. Richardson-Rohrscheib
Sara Lantonkpode

[edit] 1994

Bjorn Loftis
philippe des francs

[edit] 1995

John A. Finarelli
Margaret Main
Shelly Ross

[edit] 1996

jeffrey scott schmitz
Mike Dalcher

[edit] 1997

Gauri Deshpande

[edit] 1998

Beth Anne McKeighan
Stephanie Mulvihill

[edit] 1999

gaba borhis
Galen Day
Peter Nguyen

       Joe Curtis

[edit] 2000

Meredith Allen
Joe Barker
Sierra Hutchinson

[edit] 2001

Andy Bosselman
William Perry
Martina Bennett

[edit] 2005

Nathan Hedges

[edit] Source

Peace Corps Online Directory of Benin RPCVs

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