Vinnitsia Clean City Project

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A larger city in Ukraine becomes cleaner because of a community initiative and administrative support.


Business/Economics; Environment; Tourism.


Vinnitsia Entrepreneurial Club, a non-government organization (NGO) focusing on government transparency and the development of a sustainable civil society in Vinnitsia, Ukraine has PCv Eric R Jacobs assigned to it. With support from other organizations and the city administration they have successfully implemented a cleaner city effort.

With the help from a SPA grant from the U.S. Peace Corps, the clean city project team was able to have 55 bright yellow, street-sides, metal trashcans made and 20 metal information signs made. The trash cans say (in Ukrainian) Native City Clean City. The city administration installed the cans and has collected trash from them everyday. Other funding was used to hold community meetings to discuss the problems of litter and other issues facing the city. From these meetings relationships were developed and the administration and NGOs have seen the benefit of working together. Also education material was developed and has been disseminated through the city and the oblast. In fact several TEFL PCVs in the Vinnitsia oblast have taught material that was developed in the Clean City project. Also the American outdoor ethics organization Leave No Trace supported of having their material translated into Ukrainian. That information has been distributed to PCVs, organizations and communities across Ukraine. It even showed in some summer camps.

The Vinnitsia Entrepreneurial Club and director Svetlana Hordakova played the key role of project leader and worked closely with Eric in every aspect of the project. PCV Sandra Jacobs and her youth NGO; Youth Center Forum contributed time and material support the project. Youth Center Forum lead the translation efforts and helped get the project message out to the youth of the community. Of course the project would have been just another good idea without success had the administration not been so involved. They were able to see what the citizens wanted and what as the right thing to do.

The initial scope of the cleaner city project was small for such a larger city (350,000 people), but the hope was the develop momentum and active responses form the citizens. Since the 55 project cans were installed in the city center, over 400 new and yellow trash cans have been installed throughout the city and less trash is now found on the streets, in parks and in the river. People are talking about how their city is cleaner and they want to do even more to make it better.

a. The clean city project's success is a testament to the commitment of the organizations involved and the city administration. It is currently being used as model for other cleaner city projects in Ukraine. In the town of Bar, Vinnitskia Oblast the administration want to do a virtual duplication of the project with the help of its two PCVs while in the town of Snigurivka, Mykolaivska Oblast, the idea has involved to include even more greater community development aspects.

The people of Vinnitsia recognized a problem, asked for and received a little assistance in getting started and in the end made their city cleaner, prettier and more inviting for their own families, guests and in time tourists. PCV: Eric Jacobs(Economic Development, Group 28)E-Mail: