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In 1992, the Uzbekistan government entered into a partnership agreement with the Peace Corps. Volunteers have been working in small business development, teaching English at the university, secondary and primary school levels, and focusing on improving the health of women and children in rural communities, as well as teaching HIV/AIDS education and prevention.

Peace Corps volunteers have served in Uzbekistan from 1992 until 2001. The Peace Corps program reopened in April of 2002 after a temporary suspension following the events of September 11, 2001. In total, more than 700 Americans have served honorably as Peace Corps volunteers in Uzbekistan.

In 2005, the visas of 52 Peace Corps volunteers and the Peace Corps country director expired and were not renewed. Because the Peace Corps was unable to ensure proper documentation from the Uzbekistan government, the Peace Corps has determined it necessary to suspend its program.

Sector Assignment Beg. Yr End. Yr
Agriculture Ag Economics 1992 1992
Business Business Advising 1992 2005
Business Development 1994 1999
NGO Advising 2001 2005
Crisis Corps Crisis Corps 1996 1996
Education English Teacher 1992 2005
English Teacher Trainer 1996 2003
Prim-Ed/Teach Trn 1999 2005
Univ. English Teaching 1994 2005
Health Envir. and Water Resource 2005 2005
Health Degreed 1999 2005
Health Extension 1999 2005
UNV United Nations Volunteer 1994 2000

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